Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Pregnancy Update :)

This was us at 20 weeks :)

Anistyn Reese Howard
due June 28th 2012

Well, since I have totally failed to blog this pregnancy besides after our first ultrasound at around 9 weeks, I feel so bad. But like I said, our computer wasn't hooked up so it's not my fault but I still feel extrememly guilty. With Tynlee, I was on top of everything. By now, her room was painted, we had her carseat, etc. I am just now starting to think of the theme for sweet Anistyn's room. I was debating on whether or not putting them in the same room, but I figured it would probably be best to give them their own rooms for now, since we can, and we will still have an office. I think they will both sleep better in seperate rooms while they are little. When they get bigger, of course i'll bunk them together! :)

I am just starting my 24th week today! Every Wednesday is a new week for us! I feel pretty good, sickness wise. I was still pretty sick with Tynlee at this stage, nauseaous a lot. But for the most part, I feel good unless my tummy is empty, but that's an easy fix, right ;)?? I have gained 5 lbs so far. Since I lost 11 in the beginning which I was happy about, I needed to!! I was at my pre preggo weight when I got pregnant which was good but still wanted to lose weight.

Sometimes I forget I'm pregnant :/ because I am so busy with Tynlee. But then I get a huge big KICK from Anistyn and I'm reminded and I can't help but smile. I love being pregnant. Even though I have issues when I am pregnant and it's not an easy road for me, I'd do it 100 times. Okay, maybe 4 or 5 ;)

I am having high blood pressure issues again. I actually have been going through a company called Alere healthcare that sent me a blood pressure monitor, a scale, protein dip sticks that I have to take my BP twice a day, they want to make sure I don't get pre-eclampsia again. I only have a 25% shot but also, they don't want my BP to creep up. The last couple days, it has again. I feel the headache coming on and I just know it's up. I have already been in hospital 3 times. 2 times for high blood pressure and 24 hour urine and once for kidney stones(those were HORRIBLE!!).

At least they are monitoring me closely this time so we are prepared and I am a pro at checking my BP now ;) I go to the doctor often, it seems like every 2 weeks i'm in there. Starting at 28 weeks, I have to get an ultrasound every week to check on Anistyn's growth because high BP can affect their growth. It's like a non-stress test ultrasound. It will be a hectic last couple of months but we can do it!! We gotta get her here safely, NATURALLY and full term!! I want a big fat baby ;)

We are still planning for VBAC which are totally thrilled about. Doctor said I'm a perfect candidate. After my water broke on its on with Tynlee, I was contracting every 2 minutes and VERY hard contractions so they know/think I will do just fine delivering vaginally this time. As long as Anistyn doesn't do what big sister did and put her hands out! :D

We are thrilled about adding to our family so quickly! We can't wait till June!! Life will get even more sweeter! I am so excited to use all of Tynlee's adorable clothes again!

And yes, I am on modified bedrest because of high BP as well as I'm already dilated to 1/2 a cm. cuz I have so many braxton hicks. :/

God is good and I know He is watching over us! He never ceases to amaze me through our trials.

Thankful we have Him on our side :)

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