Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Tynlee's 1st Christmas

Christmas this year was great. We got to spend it in our new house! Tynlee was the perfect age, to semi-enjoy her presents but mostly just the wrapping paper :) We opened our presents Saturday morning since we knew Sunday may be hectic with church and Stephen preaching out of town. Tynlee got some treats in her stocking, puffs, 2 books, a baby doll and also she got a Melissa & Doug shapes toy, a cute outfit and a push car(that she finally has gotten the hang of)...it's her favorite thing! Stephen got a Michigan hoodie, cologne, a wallet clip(silver plated Michigan one ;)), a new shirt and tie, as well as some candie! He got me a Kindle Fire which I would NEVER ask for by the way cause I am so not into technology, still don't have an Iphone lol but I LOVE it!! I get internet on it wherever there is WiFi and it's perfect and so handy for me! We can watch Netflix on it, surf the internet, get apps, etc. I LOVE IT!! oh and read, which I wish I did more of!
We had a busy day ahead of us. The night before we had Porter Christmas Eve at my aunt's house and that is always fun since we do "gag gifts" which are ALWAYS interesting. Saturday afternoon we headed to Howard Christmas at Stephen's aunt's house for Ham dinner..yummy! We then went to my sister's house to celebrate Christmas with just my siblings, grandparents and my parents and of course, all the little grandchildren!!! It was SO nice that my brother and his family that now live in Kentucky got to join us!! My mom, once again, hooked EVERYONE up. She goes all out! Let me tell you! Tynlee got probably 15 new adorable outfits, dresses, etc. My mom is really good at finding little things at craft fairs, boutiques etc. that you probably can't find yourself. She puts so much thought into each and every one of us. I know my dad helps a lot too!! We appreciate them so much!! Cause we all know how much I love presents! Sunday morning we headed to be with the Tracy church and Stephen preached both services there. We enjoyed a nice ham dinner between services then headed to see Stephen's parents and sister and future brother in law. We opened our presents and stockings from them! Tynlee got the sweetest jewelry box that sings!!! It's precious!!! I know she will fill it up someday!! Christmas was wonderful. It was great having church
on Christmas morning, I think it should be like that every year because we all know, He is the reason for the season afterall. What a blessing it was being able to spend Christmas with most all our loved ones and cherish our Savior's birth.

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  1. awww i'm so glad you guys got settled in time to celebrate christmas in your new home! belated merry christmas :) love the pics of tynlee :)