Friday, April 13, 2012

29 weeks

29 weeks pregnant yesterday...Boy, it feels like I've been pregnant for SO long! Like 50 weeks!! LoL...I have definitely had enough contractions to "deliver" a baby!!!

I am feeling great this week. I really can feel the prayers of our loved one because I haven't had anymore than 4 contractions a day all week. It's absolutely amazing. I think my pills must be working FINALLY. And my blood pressure is doing really good and staying down.

I have started gaining weight and it's packing on quickly. I am sooo not happy about this. But all I do is crave BAD things, like SWEETS all day!! :( It's terrible. I need self-control!!

I had a great report from doctor on Wednesday. We first had a sonogram to check the position of placenta and cervical length again. GOOD NEWS!!! My placenta is not close to the moved!! AMAZING!! It could have been why I was contracting so much doctor said but we aren't sure. It definitely was causing the bleeding though. But I am so thankful we are back on track to a vaginal delivery! YAY!!! They also found out on sonogram that she's estimating at 2 lbs 9 oz right now. Such a sweet little peanut! But right on track for 29 weeks!! We are so blessed to have another little girl in our family!! Tynlee loves when I ask her where her little sister is, she points to my belly and then proceeds to lift up my shirt!

Back to my appointment, my doctor is awesome. He did my csection last time and he really thinks I can have a successful VBAC and a full term baby! I am just really happy to be feeling good again. Getting dressed and putting on makeup everyday, i'm proud of myself :)

We are so excited and hoping that he's right!!! We would love a 37+ weeks baby!!!

I am still on bedrest, cause it's obviously working which i'm okay about cause it means Anistyn is growing healthier and bigger every single week.

We have been so blessed getting meals from loved ones. They have all been FANTASTIC!! We appreciate it so much! Seriously, I have the best mom and mother in-law who do my cleaning, laundry, helping with Tynlee and anything else I need done. Oh, and taking me to doctor's appointments.

We have the greatest support. Seriously! SO BLESSED!!

I am happy to almost be in the "home stretch" of 30 weeks.
Before we know it, sweet Anistyn Reese will join the Howard family!
We are so anxious but definitely willing to wait for her ;)

I will post pictures of her room soon!!

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