Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Bedrest is horrible.

Okay so I'm going to vent....

Be prepared.

Vent because I am soooo sick of being on bedrest.
Same thing EVERY single day.
Wake up, meet Tynlee's needs, brush my teeth, try to look somewhat presentable, and sit on the couch...
SO fun..........NOT!!

I am flat out bored.
And I know Tynlee is too.

Bedrest SUCKS because:

-I feel bad for everyone who HAS to help me. They take time out of their sweet lives to help me when I'm fully capable of helping myself. But I TRULY appreciate everyone. We are WAY blessed to have loved ones so close and willing to help at any given time.

-I can't exercise. Which means I'm getting FAT. I can't even take my baby for a walk to the park or down the street. BLAH!!!!!!!!!!

-I can't be faithful and go to church everytime the doors are open...it kills me. I feel like a failure and a HORRIBLE church member. I feel like God's disappointed in me because I can't serve Him in church like I used to.

-I can't cook for my family. It's meals from loved ones or frozen dinners or fast food. The last thing I want my husband to have to do after a busy day at work is come home and cook for us. I feel so bad for him!

-My house isn't as clean as I want....I'm totally in the "nesting" mode and can't do anything about it. My husband trys his best and I completely appreciate it but you know how it is, no one cleans like you can ;)

-I can't take my sweet little girl out...anywhere. Poor thing probably forgets what outside looks like. Except when she goes out with daddy or goes to my doctor's appointments....oh yippee!

-I can't "date" my husband. I can't tell you the last time we went out...besides on Saturday when I totally cheated and went to a beautiful wedding that he was a groomsmen in and it felt GREAT!!! I was sooo happy to get out and be normal again! I sat there the whole time, yes. But it was nice and I enjoyed myself.

-Yes, I cheat sometimes. I even went to church on Sunday..oops! But you know what, it made me feel good. and I enjoyed seeing everyone and singing and hearing such a wonderful uplifting sermon. Oh and might I add, wearing a dress and straightening my hair ;)

-I am on bedrest which means pelvic rest. Tell me that doesn't make you upset??? Telling a pregnant woman she can't be "intimate" with her husband!!!!!!! Poor Stephen. Poor poor Stephen. He is so understanding and has been so wonderful. I love him more and more and more eachday.

-My only form of "entertainment" is going for a nice relaxing drive with my sweet husband and daughter...seriously, it's the highlight of my day when we go. We usually stop and grab a shake or rootbeer float(again, getting FAT!!!) and take a nice drive up to the mountains since we are so close now.
-Missing family birthdays and events completely stinks!!! I am so in love with my family and having to miss special things KILLS me.

I pray SO hard that this will be over soon...NOT MY PREGNANCY of course...but the BEDREST. I want to be normal again..and SHOP SHOP SHOP ;)
besides ONLINE shopping!!!

I want to see my friends.
Take my baby out in the backyard.
Watch her swing on the swings!
Go to the movies or out to eat with my husband.
Sit in the pew at church.

I can't wait to have this other precious girl IN MY ARMS so that life can be sweet again.
I am trying to be positive and trying to enjoy this "down time" but honestly, i'm done with it.

But seriously, I know it's working. I'm still pregnant. so on a positive and happy note, I am so thankful Anistyn is still cooking and every single week, or should I say DAY, counts. So I am sorry for being so ungrateful,  but I am trying not to be.
 I really do LOVE being pregnant. I just wish things weren't SO hard for me. I can handle the dreaded "all day sickness" but seriously, this bedrest thing is no joke. It straight up cripples you. And how on earth will I be in shape to have my natural delivery I hope and pray for??? I guess that's another area we need prayer in. That I can get the strength to endure labor naturally. and if not, and I need an epidural, that's fine too...because I just want her to come out VAGINALLY! ;)

Thanks for letting me vent.


Oh this is us...30 weeks tomorrow! I am really poking out!

Please excuse my DISGUSTING hair, face, and fat arms!


  1. I've been reading your blog and praying for you. I came across your blog from Rolands Blog and have been following you the past month. My heart goes out to you. My middle pregnancy I was bedrest for half of it and not sure we'd carry her to even make it to 24 weeks. She was born at 36 weeks and in NICU with health complications. My last child was 6 months with bedrest. He was also flown to another hosptial and in a NICU. With the help of God they are doing well and you'd never know. Hang in there and rest in the presence of God. If you get bored you can check my blog out. Start from the beginning so you can get a brief update of my medical History. I just started blogging in March. Praying for you!

  2. Oh wow.thank you for sharing and for your encouraging words! I will definitely be following you :) xoxo I cant tell you how much your prayers mean. To know we have people I haven't even met in person praying for us...amazing! GOD IS SO GOOD!!!

  3. You look great!! Still praying for you guys :)