Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunshine in my soul.

This girl has our hearts.
She is 14 months old and more fun than I could have ever imagined!

Excuse my stretchmarks but I had to post this!

Tynlee is a pro at walking now.
She says "Thank you, Please and More" in sign language.
She loves to say "Shh!"
She points to things she is not suppose to touch and says "No, no, no".
She LOVES to eat.
She calls her pacifier her "Maa Maa".
Her little blonde hair is starting to grow(in the back!)
She doesn't like to wear shoes.

She says "Momma" and I say "What Tynlee" and she says it over and over again. She thinks it's so funny.
She loves to try to mimic animal sounds when you do them.
She dances to any kind of music.
Her face LIGHTS up when daddy comes home.
She makes the most hilarious faces.
She is being quiet during prayer, which is a HUGE plus!

Watching them together just completely melts my heart.
I wouldn't want my life ANY other way!

She LOVES graham crackers! It's her favorite snack!

Did I mention she is crazy fun!!!!????

I seriously can't believe this sweet little baby is going to be a big sister SO soon!!
I can't wait to have my precious little girls together!! :)

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