Monday, May 14, 2012

Out of the loop...

33 weeks and 4 days
It's been a while. I appologize. Maybe you don't care, maybe you do. But I have been busy!
I know, BUSY right? How can I be busy when I'm supposed to be on bedrest? Well, I am.
I am currently 33.4 weeks pregnant and I feel like I'm 42 weeks. My stomach has grown leaps and bounds these past few weeks which means little Anistyn is HOPEFULLY packing on the pounds(cause Mama is!) Oh well...I hope nursing works as good as last time.

I have a sonogram every Thursday to check her growth and it's a Biophysical Profile...Well last Thursday, she passed with a perfect 10! Way to go girly! I am thankful she is happy and content and completely healthy. Doctor anticipates her lungs are developed since I got the steroid shots a few weeks back.

Tuesday, we had a scare. Another one I should say. I had gas pains and horrible back pain like I never felt before. I wasn't sure if I was contracting. I was also bleeding some. So we decided to go to L&D. Well, I got there and doctor gave me a shot of Morphine. Seriously, horrid stuff. Made me feel like a total druggy. I still felt the pain but didn't care. It was sooo odd. I was contracting every 1-2 minutes and they were pretty darn painful. I was scared. They checked my cervix and I was STILL a ONE(TTL!!) but incredibly SOFT. So obviously these contractions weren't dilating me just thinning me out. They did another FFN test and thankfully, it came out NEGATIVE which means I won't be going into labor until at least 35 weeks(99% sure). UNLESS, my water just happens to break which it very likely could with all these contractions i'm having, but we will see. Hopefully not though. Let's make it to 36 weeks. Ecspecially till my sister inlaw's wedding on the 25th!!!

I got 2 shots of Terbutaline to try to stop contractions but they weren't stopping. I left the hospital still contracting every 2 minutes. CRAZY!!!

I am tired of contracting.

Tynlee girl is such a blast. She loves to dance, sing, play outside, pet her dogs, read books and eat her snacks. Her little blonde or should I say(WHITE!) hair is growing quickly. and she is looking so big these days :( She finally has her one year check up this Wednesday and she is almost 15 months old. LOL.
Oh boy am I far behind!!!???? She will more than likely get a few shots and be on our way.

Mother's Day was wonderful. My husband wrote me this complete tear-jerker of a letter that totally melted my heart and also MADE me a card from Tynlee & sweet huh!?? We spent the morning at church with a bunch of other beautiful mommies then the afternoon at my dear mother in-law's house BBQ and strawberry shortcake...yum!

I missed my mom. Her and my dad are down south about to embark on a Mexican Cruise so I didn't get to see her on Mother's Day. Definitely the first time EVER I hadn't seen my mama and I missed her terribly. I talked to her several times though ;)

This week is filled with Doctor's Appt and final touches on Anistyn's room.
Oh and my sweet sister in law Bryana and two nieces will be here today from KY and I just can't wait to see them and let Tynlee play with her little girl cousins!!!

Here's a few pictures of what we've been up to!

Thursday, May 3, 2012

What we've been up to....

I turned 23 on Tuesday! And it was a beautiful day!
I was spoiled, like always.
I got 3 new beautiful spring/summer dresses from Stephen and Tynlee.
My sweet mom came over in the evening and babysat Tynlee while Stephen and I went to Firenze's(a yummy Italian place) and to see the Hunger Games! By the way, one of the best movies I've ever seen. Holy cow. It could really happen someday. It was so awesome! :) I can't wait to read the book!!!!

We came home from our hot date to a sweet sleeping baby in her crib..She was a great girl for grammy!

Yesterday, I had an ultrasound done(it will be done weekly until delivery) it was a Biophysical Profile sonogram. I could have chose to do 2 non-stress tests a week or 1 sonogram a week, of course I chose sonogram!!

They are doing this because of my pre-eclampsia last time. They want to measure Anistyn's growth weekly, her movements, fluid index, etc. Which makes me feel good cause they  are watching us closely. Plus I get to see our sweet girl every week, which she looks perfect!!! :) She looks just like Tynlee...seriously!! They are going to be soooo cute together! I can't wait!!!

Well, I CAN but you know what I mean.

Tynlee is such a doll. She started spinning in circles and she cracks herself up. I just love watching her. She is SOOO ticklish and loves when you tickle her, she's always coming back for more!

I am 32 weeks pregnant today. yay! But my blood pressure is creeping up. It's been high the last couple days, which is kinda scary. But let's just pray it goes down ASAP.

Anyways, I will post pictures soon...I promise!!

Sorry this was boring...but I had to update a little!