Tuesday, June 19, 2012

16 months

Our little(BIG) Tynlee is 16 mon ths old today. It seems like we were just celebrating her 1st birthday. Boy - how time flys. She is starting to eat more adult food now. She eats any kind of cut of fruit, peanut butter and jelly, grilled cheese, waffles, and eggs. She still eats mostly baby food which I started making myself ;) yay! it was so easy and I am dissappointed i didn't do it earlier cause we could have saved a lot of $$$. Tynlee loves the pool, to dance, the dogs, reading books, and now kissing on her baby sister. I have enjoyed watching her become a big sister. it completely melts me. nothing better than watching your children together. Tynlee drinks 3-4 milk bottles a day, sleeps all night, and loves to fall asleep at night on daddy after her bath. She has the most infectious smile and giggle. She makes the cutest "surprised" face when age hears a truck go by or a dog bark. hilarious!!! we laugh everytime. She loves when you chase her and play peek a boo!! she loves to eat my hair...haha she still uses her paci "ma ma" for naps and bedtime. as always...she is pure JOY to be around! we love you more than words can tell Tynlee Anne... :)

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  1. aww she sounds so grown all a sudden!!! happy 16 mos tynlee!!!