Tuesday, June 26, 2012

3 weeks old

Time goes by even quicker with baby #2!! I cannot believe its been 3 weeks since Anistyn joined our family. And what a COMPLETE love bug she is. She is an awesome baby. The only time she makes a peep is when she's hungry but we all do that right?!? She eats every 3 hours during day and night. She pretty much eats,sleeps,& poos ;) She loves her swing and is just starting to focus in on you and make eye contact. She grunts a lot just like her big sis did. Unlike Tynlee, she doesn't like her hands swaddled at night so I keep little mittens on her so she doesn't scratch herself. Tynlee loves her little sister and always says "Hi baby" in the cutest voice and kisses her head. She is soooo gentle with her! I am so thankful!!! This last weekend, we also bought a new(but older) family vehicle "my MOM car"....We love it and got a smokin' deal on it! It has a 3rd seat(to fit our future large family) but we had to take it out so our new double stroller can fit. I love how big it is and kinda lifted which I want to lift it more plus it's loud ;) nice exhaust and new tires. On Saturday, we took our first family outting to Ironstone Vineyards in Murphey's. I have never been and its absolutely gorgeous. So green, beautiful flowers, romantic grape vines everywhere. We ate a yummy sandwich at the little deli and all they had to drink was wine. I will post pictures soon, I only have Instagram pics for now since our computer isnt set up. I am having fun being a mommy of two. Its busy, always changing a diaper or feeding someone but I am blessed and happier than ive ever been. God has given me two beautiful girls!!!

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  1. yay congrats on the new mommy car! looks very nice! hope the gas isn't gettin' to ya much. :) and tynlee is such a great big sister!!! can't believe 3 weeks has gone by already!