Saturday, July 28, 2012


What a beautiful Saturday! What have we been up to? I had my 6 week(even though it's been 7) check up on Thursday. EVERYTHING LOOKED GOOD. Birth control choice is all natural...Breastfeeding EXCLUSIVELY and condoms. I am fighting a wonderful cold...Tynlee and Anistyn had it last week now hubby seems to be getting it. .We are pumping the vitamin C!!! Nothing too exciting going on right now but here's some sweet pictures of my beautiful babies...
Waiting at mommy's doctor's appointment

Friday, July 27, 2012


I sit here as the emotional person I am. even worse since I've become a mom. I've turned into a big sap, to say the least. I sit here and hold my sweet 7 week old baby girl and tears are falling onto her precious cheeks. Tynlee is napping in her crib and Anistyn is fast asleep on my heart. My house is completely quiet and all I hear is my precious baby girl breathing. I feel guilty..

These 7 weeks have flown by and I am letting it. I worry so much about a clean house and all the "unimportant" things being a wife and mom intells. I sit here and pray that God will help me forget the cleaning...forget the laundry, the dishes, the vaccuming and dusting and enjoy my precious blessings while they are little. Savor these moments. cause they are the ones we will always remember and hold dear. Having our babies safe and under our roof.

They grow up too fast to just let it "pass". I want to let them be little. Sleep in my bed. Kiss them every chance I get. Read to her when she brings me the book. Hold her when she raises her arms up to me even if I am in the middle of dinner. Let her stay up past her bedtime and play with daddy. Let her splash in the tub a few more minutes just because.

Things have happened lately around me that have caused me to stop....stop...stop...and hit my knees in thanks. Thanks because my babies are HEALTHY. IN MY ARMS. SAFE. and just so thankful I was chosen to be their Mommy. God knew exactly who I needed. These sweet girls opened up my heart to a love I never knew was there.

 I love how Tynlee gets a boo boo and comes running to me as her "healer". How she yells "Ma" from her crib and when I walk into her room...I get the biggest smile as her "Life saver". Anistyn stops crying when I "shush shush" in her ear as her "comforter". They depend on me for everything. and what a blessing that is. My deepest desire for these sweet beautiful girls is for them to always cling to Jesus. My prayer for their life is not like most. I definitely want them to be "happy" but happy is relative. We can all be happy. it's how we chose to live. so any situation can be happy however you look at it. but my number one for them to be saved at a young soon as they feel the conviction. and to love Jesus all their life and serve him faithfully. I prayed this prayer even before they were born. and as silly as it sounds...I already pray for their husbands. That they will be men who fear the Lord and love Him more than anything. I hope and pray we raise them in a way that thy won't settle for anything less.

 I look forward to the years ahead...tea parties. dress up. "house". barbies. dance class. getting colored pictures from Sunday school. singing specials at church. riding their bikes for the first time. but I want to wait on all that...I want to soak up and ENJOY this and now...because too quickly it will be gone. In the blink of an eye. Don't blink right??

 My babies will soon be little girls then teenagers then women, wives and mothers. And I never want them to question my love and care for them. I would do anything for my daughters. literally. ANYTHING. They are the most precious gifts the Lord can give us. Children are truly precious.

 Holding my 17 month old toddler in my arms while she's fast asleep at night..I think where did my little 5 pound baby go. She grew up and she's not stopping. They are both changing everyday. Each stage is so fun so enjoy the stage your in instead of hurrying to get to the next. Let them be won't be like this for long, like the song says...

 So Tynlee and Anistyn...CLING TO JESUS...and know mommy and daddy love you more than we can even will know this love once you become mommy's.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

7 Weeks Old

Anistyn Reese, you smiled at mommy this week!!! BEST.MOMENT.EVER! You are just SO precious.
You only sleep on your belly with your little hands under your chin and tucked into your neck...You love to stare at the fan and you get this cute little excited look on your face. You love sleeping all day and spending 10pm-1am WIDE awake and eating g constantly. Makes for a tired mama ;) That's okay though...I love the one on one time with you....
Tynlee Anne, is happy as ever. She is chatting away and trying to repeat things we say. She hears something and says "Wazzz dat". She can say: mama. dad. tissy aka sissy. beebee aka baby. dog dog. what's that. yes. no. dank you aka thank you. peeeas aka please. baba is bottle. bye. hi. love you. bits means bites. She has a precious little voice. Tynlee eats everything and loves to eat off our plate even if she just ate a HEAPING dinner. She loves her cocunut milk. Always stealing the remote and cracks up when we chase her. Her weird obsession is drier sheets and wipes. Give her one and she s occupied for a good 30 minutes. (great church toy. ha!) Obsessed with Yo Gabba Gabba. Her favorite fruit is blueberries and nanas. LOVES being outside and picking up grass and bringing it to me. She sings Patty Cake and it is the cutest thing I've ever seen. sand she says A B C.
Love both my munchkins. And my hubby too...he's pretty cool too!!!

Friday, July 20, 2012

Tynlee is 17 months old

How is my baby 17 months old????
She is starting to be quite the chatter box...trys to repeat EVERYTHING we say! Any noise she hears she says "Whasss dat" with her adorable little lisp. She lets me know when shes ready for a nap by coming and sitting on my lap and putting her head on my shoulder. She is smiling...all the time. She loves to stomp her feet on the ground and spin in circles. This girl eats fruit like its going out of style. She reads books all day long and licks the back slider door about a 100 times a week(trying to kiss the dogs). She likes to say "ONE" and point her finger. We are "learning" ABCs and how to count to 5. Her hair is getting longer where I can put a little clippy in the side of her hair. She is hilarious and trys to pick up everything and carry it around the house like her glider chair in her room...seriously?!?! Bahahaha! I love her too much. She is the sweetest big sister. and the light of our lives....

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life as a mommy of TWO

Busy. SELFLESS. Beautiful. Tired. Overwhelmed. Need more patience. Happy. Sweet and most of all BLESSED. I am truly the happiest wife and mama in the world. I really feel I was made to be a mama because I love it so much. and being able to stay home with these babies is the best thing I could want.
Tynlee thinks she's so big now that she has little sis around. She loves to tickle Anistyn's toes and giggles when she yawns and kisses her probably 50 times a day(no exaggeration). There is nothing better than a child then you find even more love and joy having two and watching them "interact" and stare at eachother.
Anistyn is doing so well. Growing like crazy. Cant believe its been 6 weeks since she entered our family. What a beautiful addition she's been. Such a cuddle bug. She sleeps a lot during the day but does have longer wake times now. She eats A LOT. loves her mama milk ;) I am so glad I produce like a milk truck!!!! She loves being on her don't worry, I have a breathing monitor in her bed. I sleep very good knowing that! ans of course...she's in God's hands. Tynlee is one happy little camper. She eats everything she sees ecspecially fruit...every kind. Pineapple, bananas, pears, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches. Her favorite thing for lunch is a Pb&j and whole grain fishy crackers. Oh and her "duuuce" aka juice. She has a face expression for everything. and loves to spanking me back after her I spank her. you take a guess at how that goes over lol. She loves playing with her diapers and taking all of them out to the living room...silly girl! and eating fuzz off every blanket. I sit on the couch at night and just feel overwhelmed with God's goodness and blessings in my life. I wouldn't change my life. Even though we basically live pay check to pay check, it works and we are content and happy as can be as long as we have eachother. We get to sit around the table at night together, read the Bible at night, pray together, laugh together and we are all healthy. Praise God. My heart is aching at the moment for a girl my brother went to highschool with. Her little 2 month old baby passed away Monday in her sleep. Could you even imagine? The pain would be indescribable. My stomach hurts. I cant stop thinking about it. I have prayed for them over 100 times it seems. Anistyn is now 6 weeks old and I cant bare the thought of losing her. The only comfort I'm sure they find is knowing she is in the arms of our maker. Losing a child is my worst nightmare. Look at how sweet this family is!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We haven't been doing much...I am not ready to tackle the world with two babies yet. I mean, we go as a family of four but NOT 3. We had a relaxing 4th of July. Spent our day taking a drive to the mountains which are literally 1 mile from our house. In the evening, we went to church and had a BBQ. We didn't stay for fireworks...I knew Tynlee would dislike and Anistyn's ears are too "new " for all that bang. On Sunday night, Tynlee started running a fever with NO other symptoms. literally this is the first fever shes ever got. ever. It got to 102.8 and finally dropped ti normal after 36 hours. I was giving her lots of baths and wash cloths on her forehead and juice. she was acting normal other than sleepy. but eating well. so I knew it wasn't serious. so basically, she is better now. it had to be teeth cause shes very fussy and whiney now. and always has hands in mouth, rash on girl parts, and droooooooling everywhere. but I'm glad she is okay! Tynlee is so fun. Dances everytime she hears music, eats anything you throw in front of her, she is repeating a lot of words, we are learning to count to 5 and ABC's. She says "Shoooeeey" when she goes number 2. and she adores her baby sis. Loves to rock her in the swing and is sooo gentle. Ohhh.. and her giggle is the CUTEST thing ever! Anistyn is doing great and sleeps so good now on her tummy at night. I have a breathing monitor and feel comfortable letting her with that... she seems to be doing better with the acid stuff. Definitely more comfortable. She nurses like a champ all the time and LOVES taking a bath and driving in the car. She really is such a good baby. lifts her head up really good now too:) I started a Bible study with my mom and sisters and have really enjoyed our fellowship together. It's VERY beneficial to us all. I am thankful we all love the Lord and what a blessing that is. We took Anistyn's newborn photos a few weeks they are...well just 3 of them!!! ;) We still don't have our computer set up and I'm sick of just posting iPhone pictures...I cant wait to put the pictures from our camera on here. It's about time for my 6 week check up and i'll be getting birth control, the Mirena IUD. Pretty much everyone I know who has it, likes it. so we will see cause we are taking a few years off of the baby making ;)

Meeting Ben Flajnik and Bachelorette buzz

Okay so on Saturday, me and hubby packed up the girls and took the 2 hour drive to Napa. We ended up in Sonoma which is where Ben Flajnik, the bachelor is from. I went on his winery website and found out his wine tasting room just opened in the Sonoma Shops on 4th of July so we thought before we went home we would drop in and check it out. We ate at a little care that they recommended on their website. Stephen ate a delicious hot dog with sauercraut and onions and I ate a Caesar salad. We then proceeded ti walk in the tasting room...little did I know what was coming next! I looked inside the quint little room and there was only about 6-8 people in there. I looked behind the counter and saw one of the co owners of Envolve Wines and I freaked then right next to him was BEN!!!! he was in a baseball hat, khaki shorts and a tight navy blue shirt. I was trying to keep my cool holding my new baby and all. No one else was freaking out or taking pictures and I didn't want to be "that girl "… I walked up to the counter and was literally one foot away from Ben. breathing the same air!! Weirdest thing was hearing his voice in person. I was literally his biggest fan. I know a lot of girls say that but really..ask my husband. I mean...what are the odds of us seeing him there. he could have been anywhere. it was amazing. I didn't want to bug him for a picture but I did talk to him some. I am DEFINITELY going back for a picture.
Now as my heart is still pounding for another reality heart throbe of mine, Wean Lowe. pooooor Wean. Genuine, sweet, and the best part HE LOVES THE LORD. I really thought she would pick him. of course, if God is center in his life, he will know how to love and treat a woman. I was so sad. still am! He handled himself so well but you know he wanted to cry. I love Emily though and I know her and Jef will be great together. Because Arid seems to much of a bad boy for her but they sure do kiss passionately! I hope Wean finds an amazing girl soon...he deserves it and will make a great husband and dad!
Also one more thing...Teen Mom! Okay Farrah is such a little B. She is soooo confrintational and so defensive when her parents ask her a normal question. its crazy how rude she is. and she calls her dad Michael. lol. dumb! I just had to throw that in there....

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1 Month Old

It's crazy to think God brought us Anistyn a whole MONTH ago but yet it feels like she has been in our family forever. She is growing quick. If I had to guess, I think she is 7 lbs maybe a little more. She seems like her acid reflux or gas or whatever is doing better! which I'm happy about cause she always seemed so uncomfortable and tense. Anistyn is starting to make eye contact and turning her head when she hears my voice. This girl goes through at least 12 poopy diapers a day. She LOVES to be held which means she hardly likes me to put her down. Tynlee and I do a lot of playing while Anistyn is happily asleep in my arms. She smiles SO much in her sleep. She loves driving in the car. She is such a sweet little cuddle bug. I love having two very affectionate girls. :) Happy One Month Birthday Anistyn Reese. You have completed our family(for now) so perfectly. You bring us more love than we ever imagined. Love, Daddy, Mommy, & Tynny