Wednesday, July 4, 2012

1 Month Old

It's crazy to think God brought us Anistyn a whole MONTH ago but yet it feels like she has been in our family forever. She is growing quick. If I had to guess, I think she is 7 lbs maybe a little more. She seems like her acid reflux or gas or whatever is doing better! which I'm happy about cause she always seemed so uncomfortable and tense. Anistyn is starting to make eye contact and turning her head when she hears my voice. This girl goes through at least 12 poopy diapers a day. She LOVES to be held which means she hardly likes me to put her down. Tynlee and I do a lot of playing while Anistyn is happily asleep in my arms. She smiles SO much in her sleep. She loves driving in the car. She is such a sweet little cuddle bug. I love having two very affectionate girls. :) Happy One Month Birthday Anistyn Reese. You have completed our family(for now) so perfectly. You bring us more love than we ever imagined. Love, Daddy, Mommy, & Tynny

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  1. wow! happy one month little girl!! and you look great one month post baby! :) love the daddy and babies pic! belated happy 4th.