Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Life as a mommy of TWO

Busy. SELFLESS. Beautiful. Tired. Overwhelmed. Need more patience. Happy. Sweet and most of all BLESSED. I am truly the happiest wife and mama in the world. I really feel I was made to be a mama because I love it so much. and being able to stay home with these babies is the best thing I could want.
Tynlee thinks she's so big now that she has little sis around. She loves to tickle Anistyn's toes and giggles when she yawns and kisses her probably 50 times a day(no exaggeration). There is nothing better than a child then you find even more love and joy having two and watching them "interact" and stare at eachother.
Anistyn is doing so well. Growing like crazy. Cant believe its been 6 weeks since she entered our family. What a beautiful addition she's been. Such a cuddle bug. She sleeps a lot during the day but does have longer wake times now. She eats A LOT. loves her mama milk ;) I am so glad I produce like a milk truck!!!! She loves being on her don't worry, I have a breathing monitor in her bed. I sleep very good knowing that! ans of course...she's in God's hands. Tynlee is one happy little camper. She eats everything she sees ecspecially fruit...every kind. Pineapple, bananas, pears, raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, peaches. Her favorite thing for lunch is a Pb&j and whole grain fishy crackers. Oh and her "duuuce" aka juice. She has a face expression for everything. and loves to spanking me back after her I spank her. you take a guess at how that goes over lol. She loves playing with her diapers and taking all of them out to the living room...silly girl! and eating fuzz off every blanket. I sit on the couch at night and just feel overwhelmed with God's goodness and blessings in my life. I wouldn't change my life. Even though we basically live pay check to pay check, it works and we are content and happy as can be as long as we have eachother. We get to sit around the table at night together, read the Bible at night, pray together, laugh together and we are all healthy. Praise God. My heart is aching at the moment for a girl my brother went to highschool with. Her little 2 month old baby passed away Monday in her sleep. Could you even imagine? The pain would be indescribable. My stomach hurts. I cant stop thinking about it. I have prayed for them over 100 times it seems. Anistyn is now 6 weeks old and I cant bare the thought of losing her. The only comfort I'm sure they find is knowing she is in the arms of our maker. Losing a child is my worst nightmare. Look at how sweet this family is!

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