Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Meeting Ben Flajnik and Bachelorette buzz

Okay so on Saturday, me and hubby packed up the girls and took the 2 hour drive to Napa. We ended up in Sonoma which is where Ben Flajnik, the bachelor is from. I went on his winery website and found out his wine tasting room just opened in the Sonoma Shops on 4th of July so we thought before we went home we would drop in and check it out. We ate at a little care that they recommended on their website. Stephen ate a delicious hot dog with sauercraut and onions and I ate a Caesar salad. We then proceeded ti walk in the tasting room...little did I know what was coming next! I looked inside the quint little room and there was only about 6-8 people in there. I looked behind the counter and saw one of the co owners of Envolve Wines and I freaked then right next to him was BEN!!!! he was in a baseball hat, khaki shorts and a tight navy blue shirt. I was trying to keep my cool holding my new baby and all. No one else was freaking out or taking pictures and I didn't want to be "that girl "… I walked up to the counter and was literally one foot away from Ben. breathing the same air!! Weirdest thing was hearing his voice in person. I was literally his biggest fan. I know a lot of girls say that but really..ask my husband. I mean...what are the odds of us seeing him there. he could have been anywhere. it was amazing. I didn't want to bug him for a picture but I did talk to him some. I am DEFINITELY going back for a picture.
Now as my heart is still pounding for another reality heart throbe of mine, Wean Lowe. pooooor Wean. Genuine, sweet, and the best part HE LOVES THE LORD. I really thought she would pick him. of course, if God is center in his life, he will know how to love and treat a woman. I was so sad. still am! He handled himself so well but you know he wanted to cry. I love Emily though and I know her and Jef will be great together. Because Arid seems to much of a bad boy for her but they sure do kiss passionately! I hope Wean finds an amazing girl soon...he deserves it and will make a great husband and dad!
Also one more thing...Teen Mom! Okay Farrah is such a little B. She is soooo confrintational and so defensive when her parents ask her a normal question. its crazy how rude she is. and she calls her dad Michael. lol. dumb! I just had to throw that in there....

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