Wednesday, July 11, 2012


We haven't been doing much...I am not ready to tackle the world with two babies yet. I mean, we go as a family of four but NOT 3. We had a relaxing 4th of July. Spent our day taking a drive to the mountains which are literally 1 mile from our house. In the evening, we went to church and had a BBQ. We didn't stay for fireworks...I knew Tynlee would dislike and Anistyn's ears are too "new " for all that bang. On Sunday night, Tynlee started running a fever with NO other symptoms. literally this is the first fever shes ever got. ever. It got to 102.8 and finally dropped ti normal after 36 hours. I was giving her lots of baths and wash cloths on her forehead and juice. she was acting normal other than sleepy. but eating well. so I knew it wasn't serious. so basically, she is better now. it had to be teeth cause shes very fussy and whiney now. and always has hands in mouth, rash on girl parts, and droooooooling everywhere. but I'm glad she is okay! Tynlee is so fun. Dances everytime she hears music, eats anything you throw in front of her, she is repeating a lot of words, we are learning to count to 5 and ABC's. She says "Shoooeeey" when she goes number 2. and she adores her baby sis. Loves to rock her in the swing and is sooo gentle. Ohhh.. and her giggle is the CUTEST thing ever! Anistyn is doing great and sleeps so good now on her tummy at night. I have a breathing monitor and feel comfortable letting her with that... she seems to be doing better with the acid stuff. Definitely more comfortable. She nurses like a champ all the time and LOVES taking a bath and driving in the car. She really is such a good baby. lifts her head up really good now too:) I started a Bible study with my mom and sisters and have really enjoyed our fellowship together. It's VERY beneficial to us all. I am thankful we all love the Lord and what a blessing that is. We took Anistyn's newborn photos a few weeks they are...well just 3 of them!!! ;) We still don't have our computer set up and I'm sick of just posting iPhone pictures...I cant wait to put the pictures from our camera on here. It's about time for my 6 week check up and i'll be getting birth control, the Mirena IUD. Pretty much everyone I know who has it, likes it. so we will see cause we are taking a few years off of the baby making ;)

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