Friday, July 20, 2012

Tynlee is 17 months old

How is my baby 17 months old????
She is starting to be quite the chatter box...trys to repeat EVERYTHING we say! Any noise she hears she says "Whasss dat" with her adorable little lisp. She lets me know when shes ready for a nap by coming and sitting on my lap and putting her head on my shoulder. She is smiling...all the time. She loves to stomp her feet on the ground and spin in circles. This girl eats fruit like its going out of style. She reads books all day long and licks the back slider door about a 100 times a week(trying to kiss the dogs). She likes to say "ONE" and point her finger. We are "learning" ABCs and how to count to 5. Her hair is getting longer where I can put a little clippy in the side of her hair. She is hilarious and trys to pick up everything and carry it around the house like her glider chair in her room...seriously?!?! Bahahaha! I love her too much. She is the sweetest big sister. and the light of our lives....

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  1. so cute!!! and i also cannot believe our babies are 17 months!!!! SO exciting to watch them grow and learn new things!!