Monday, August 27, 2012

Show and Tell Monday; Wedding Bells Ringing

Today I am linking up with Becky at From Mrs to Mama to share wedding should too!!

1. Are you married? If so when did you get married, and tell us about your special day. If not? How would you describe your dream wedding? 

VERY Happily married to the man of my dreams. We got married 4 years ago on, August 8th 2008 so 08.08.08 :) It was a beautiful and perfect day to say the least. Not one thing went wrong and even if it did, either way, I was still getting married so I didn't care. I dreamed about being a YOUNG bride my whole life. It's all I ever wanted was to be a wife and mom. Stephen and I got married 8 months after we got together. We got married on a nice summer evening. It meant a lot to my husband to get married in the church he was raised in(and we attend) even if it had orange carpet. It was special to us and we are both super traditional and liked getting married in a church or should I say OUR church. We didn't get married till 7pm and that's what I wanted because I wanted to enjoy being a "BRIDE" all day and get pampered. But the anticipation and not seeing my groom all day was difficult. But it was all worth it when I got to see him at the end of the aisle and our eyes were glued to one another's. We had a short ceremony centered around our love for one another but ultimately God's design for marriage and family. We then went to a reception hall in a limo and had a dessert reception and of course dancing. It was my dream wedding!

6 Bridesmaids 6 Groomsmen
Stephen's Uncle(our pastor) officiated the wedding
All our nieces and nephews were apart of the wedding
Colors: Zebra print and pink
We had black sand and white sand and mixed them together during the unity candle to symbolize us becoming ONE.
About 215 people came

2. Show us some wedding pictures. Either yours or of some that you love.

3. How about the engagement? Tell us your story. If not engaged, what's your dream proposal?

Well, it wasn't anything crazy or over the top amazing but like Becky said, it was perfect for us and it was our personalities to the T! Like I said, we are traditional and I'm completely happy about that. I have known Stephen since I was 11 but he is 5 years older than me. It wasn't till I was 18 that we reunited and FELL IN LOVE. We met in November and got engaged on Valentine's Day. We knew we wanted to get married within the first week of talking so I was expecting a ring "any day" per say. There were several opportunities where I thought maybe it would happen cause we looked at rings etc. I remember him telling me a week before Valentine's Day "How silly it is when people get engaged on a holiday, ecspecially Valentine's." so I definitely knew it wouldn't be that day. He originally was going to take me to Yosemite Feb. 15th and do it there but after he asked my dad's permission for my hand in marriage when they went to lunch that day, he couldn't wait. 

I  made him a pasta dinner at my parents house. We had barely taken a bite when he said "Open your card" and I thought hmmm...ok!! Then he went in(which he said he was "heating the bread up") to tell my dad he was going to do it now so have the video camera ready. He came back in and I could tell he was so nervous. Which he's usually not, he's a preacher and so used to talking in front of people etc. But inside the card was a voucher for a day in Santa Cruz and a nice dinner. I was actually kinda bummed but played it off like it was the best gift ever. I really thought he was going to propose. He stood up and said "Give me a hug" so I did and he pulled me back up cause I was going to sit back down...He then proceeded to tell me beautiful sweet things that women love to hear then he got on his knee and said "Will you will marry me"...of course, I blurted YES!!!!!!!!!!!! And it was all caught on camera...I just remember I kept saying Oh my gosh! I was the happiest girl in the world...amazing to think I love him even more now than I did then!

4. Show us your wedding rings or an engagement photo! If not engaged/married ... show us your "dream" ring.

5. Tell us why you think marriage doesn't work out for so many? What can we do to make things last?

When I made that vow, for better or worse, richer or poor, sickness and health, I made a promise and a covenant not only to my husband BUT most importantly God. I think some are so soon to just give up and throw in the towel. I know there are circumstances where your life(or children) may be in danger or adultery happens etc. but even then, we should TRY our darn best to work it out. Marriage isn't easy. Yes, there are good times but there are also plenty of tough times. Learning to fully put yourself on the back burner and putting someone else's needs above your own. Sometimes you have to do things for your other half just because you know they will enjoy it. Marriage and parenthood is a SELFLESS act. I think the best marriage consists of the other spouse thinking they got the better end of the deal. Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our children that we forget to "date each other" and that shouldn't happen. Even if its sitting on the couch, watching a movie, eating popcorn, make it a date :) Don't be annoyed when the other wants to talk about something that doesn't interest you. Communication is key. But HONESTY is number one. Send random "I love you texts" each day. Never forget to tell your spouse you appreciate them. Say I'm sorry first even when it's tough. Most importantly, pray TOGETHER and for one another. Make God the center of your marriage and everything will fall beautifully around it. But it will take work!!!! Remember that. Don't give up. You will and can fall back in love.

So what can we do to make marriage work? Respect. HONESTY. Not being selfish. Being proud of one another. Loving unconditionally. BEING FORGIVING. Fessing up when you do wrong. Putting the other first. LOVE LOVE LOVE. Knowing each other's love language. and understanding God's design for marriage. 

Friday, August 24, 2012

TIPS on staying healthy this fall & winter!

I am research fanatic. I probably research things, overboard. But through my studies, I have found very useful information on various things in health, cleaning, and vaccines. I get my information from medical websites and doctors/nurses. Not just from random "google" or wikipedia searches. Here's a few tips and pointers...
Maybe you'll care and maybe you won't...But I thought I'd share!

(Just so you know, through all my research, I have learned that getting sick especially with the stomach bug, doesn't make your immune system stronger, it's still best to not get sick because you do not ever become immune to the stomach bug.)

When it comes to cleaning:

*Clorox Anywhere spray
*Lysol disinfectant spray(only if necessary, like sick)

I have toned down my cleaning a lot. Mostly because I don't have time for it now being a mama of two and I have other things i'd rather do during glorious naptime. We don't wear shoes in our house for various reasons, not just because we feel it's gross after knowing all the stuff people track in on their nasty shoes(E.Coli, vomit, dog poop, spit, etc.) but also because we have carpet and it will mean less professional carpet cleaning. Eliminating wearing shoes in doors can fix a lot of unwanted bugs. I found a cute sign on Etsy that I can't wait to buy to hang on our front door..Just a polite way of asking others without having to tell them.

1.)I use to use bleach often...Why? I have no idea. But I have turned away from bleach and started using regular ol' Hydrogen Peroxide from the grocery store, Target, whatever. I have also turned to Vinegar, safe alternative to bleach even though Vinegar has a terrible smell, I just open up windows and don't worry about my babes smelling obnoxious fumes like bleach has. Plus they are both SO cheap.
 2.)Key is keeping the peroxide in it's original DARK BROWN container. So what I do is after my Clorox Anywhere spray(in my opinion, BEST TOY CLEANING PRODUCT) is done, I use that sprayer to put on top of the peroxide bottle. With peroxide and vinegar, the longer they sit, the better it cleans and more bag guys it kills. So don't be so quick to wipe it up with a paper towel, let it sit a while, maybe even over night in bathroom and kitchen counters. 
3.)Vinegar, you need to dilute 50/50...good thing is, once it drys, the smell goes away :)
4.)About twice a month I clean Tynlee's toys if she's the only one playing with them. Especially the ones she always puts in her mouth. I spray them with Clorox Anywhere spray. Totally safe for kids. Just spray it on after they go to bed and it will be dry in the morning. Love that stuff!

When it comes to Vitamins:

*Vitamin C
*Vitamin D
*Elderberry & Echinancea in fall and winter

1.) Around here, we are STRONG believers in probiotics. It's estimated that 75% of your immune system is in your gut and what better way to protect your gut than a probiotic supplement? SAFE FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY by the way! 
What is a probiotic: It's the GOOD bacteria that lives in your gut so therefor, the more good bacteria you have in your gut, the better you are to not get sick with a tummy bug. You get a tummy bug when your bad bacteria outnumber the good. So taking a daily probiotic(BEST IS THE REFRIGERATED KIND) helps with that. Not a guarentee that you won't get sick, but it definitely helps.
-Last summer before my husband took probiotics, he came down with a tummy bug that he got from a birthday party where like 17 people got it. I was taking probiotics like crazy as well as giving them to Tynlee(6 months old) and we didn't get sick! So I really think the probiotics HELPED.
-Tynlee gets a powdered kind in her milk in the morning and another powdered kind in her milk at night. The reason I do two different kinds is they have different strains in them so it just gives her more good. I order ours from Amazon. I've found they are the best priced. 

Tynlee uses these kinds....

We use this kind....

Also, live cultures(probiotics) are in yogurt as well, but definitely not nearly as much as you will receive from a probiotic. 

-Probiotics are suppose to help with asthma, eczema, and prevent yeast/bladder infections. 
-I took when pregnant with both my babies to help build up there immune systems as well

2.) We also take Vitamin C daily...Stephen and I take 1000 mg and Tynlee takes 200 mg(in liquid form).
I know she gets PLENTY of Vitamin C from all the fruit and juice but it's just an extra boost, ecsepcially for cold and flu season.

3.) Tynlee takes Vitamin D drops as well...just a drop or 2 on her pacifier at night!

Elderberry, which we take in the winter protects you from the actual FLU. 
When I say FLU, I mean the fever, body aches, coughing, flu cause the stomach flu isn't really a flu. It's a virus. and the FLU SHOT DOES NOT PROTECT YOU FROM THE STOMACH BUG, it protects you from FLU! For your information.
Back to Elderberry, it it suppose to ward off 8 different flu virus strains and the flu vaccine is only 2 or 3. So therefor, no, we don't get flu shot. Never have my entire life. I think it's fine for immune system depressed people and the elderly. But that's my opinion. 

Echinacea, is wonderful for your immune for everyone as well.
I personally love Echinacea tea!

Facts about sickness:

I don't mind colds...yeah, they suck but you can barrel through them. But stomach flu, boy oh boy, I hate. But who doesn't??? So not looking forward to that around here...That's why I'm careful about trying to keep it away as best as possible.
1.) You sometimes are contagious before symptoms...but there's nothing you can do about that, because you can't put your kid in a bubble!
2.) Once they start showing any symptoms, they are for sure contagious.
3.) The least amount of time you should send them back to school or daycare is 72 hours AFTER symptoms have COMPLETELY stopped. But usually, you shed the virus in your stool and nasal secretions for 2 whole weeks. So be sure proper hand washing is taking place.
4.) Hands aren't properly washed unless you scrubbed for 20 seconds...That's singing "Happy Birthday" TWICE.
(Common sense, always always always wash before eating anything)
-You don't need antibacterial soap unless you've handled raw meat or a dirty diaper, regular soap will do the trick ;)
5.) Stomach bugs and colds are transferred when someone sneezes, wipes their nose, coughs or doesn't wash hands properly after using the restroom then touches door handles, light switches, shopping carts, ATM machines, gas pumps, etc. and then you touch it and don't wash your hands. They are sneaky. Stomach flu usually isn't "airborne" unless someone vomits right in front of you. It's mostly transferred just how I explained. Touching something the infected person touched.
6.) We use a WetOne to wipe off cell phones, car keys, and debit car every single day. Those are the germiest things you own!

7.) One of the germiest places are playgrounds because there isn't rule that you can't take your kid to the playground sick. And little diaper booties rub all over everything. Make sure you wipe off hands with WetOne or hand sanitizer(I like GERM-X best cause the B. chloride kills the best) after playing in public playgrounds. 

-Second, grocery stores...90% of shopping cart handles contain E.Coli which causes stomach upset and diarrhea. I always use a shopping cart cover before the babes goes in there. High chairs at a restaurant have the same problem as shopping carts. So I'm happy the cart cover fits that too!

8.)If your child has had diarrhea, no public pool for 2 weeks because their little bottles can and will shed off their sickness into the water for other little ones or big ones ;)

9.)Viruses live on hard surfaces for weeks, so after your sick, be sure to disinfect everything you or your child touched because that sickness will just make it's rounds once again if not. 

10.)If you've had the stomach virus, you should let guest come over to at least 2 weeks after your well again because again, your still contagious and so is your house if it's not scrubbed down. 

No, I don't chase Tynlee around the house with hand sanitizer LOL but I do watch her because she's always sticking her hands and things from the ground in her mouth(at home, I don't care). I do my best to protect her but I can't from everything. But I do wash her hands before she eats every single time!

Hopefully, I helped you in some way. Maybe your rolling your eyes...But I did this to share what we do at the Howard house in hopes of staying healthy in hopes that it can help you too..Some don't care about sickness while others do. Some are inconsiderate and take their sick or recently sick children to public places but I don't ever want to be 'that person'. But we should always be respectful of others and think about their feelings as well. We all are mothers and we all can raise and protect our children the way we want. So again, this is just some facts from the months of research I've done in hopes of keeping my family healthy...

Even doesn't work 100% of the time :)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Big 18 Month Old!

Another month has passed too quickly and another month full of memories have been made that will forever be in my heart. Another month, I have been blessed to have with my little BIG Tynlee girl. Boy, she sure is a blast to have around this house. She is always getting into something and leaving a tornado everywhere she goes. But hey, it's fun right!!??

How is she a whole year and a HALF old???? Seems cray-cray to me. 
We just had her 1st birthday it feels like!!!

Our Tynlee Anne, has quite the personality. Always making faces whether it's a scowl, a grin, a concerned look or an excited look, she has one for exactly how she is feeling at the moment. She has a vocabulary that we can't fully understand but she does. She says tons of words, TONS. Her new ones are "pity" aka pretty, "cheese" aka take a picture of me, "bee" aka peek a boo, "Tittle tittle" aka tickle, she says "Annie" so clear, she says some form of the word "cracker" and "bear" for her big pink teddy bear that her "Bonnie" aka grandma got her when she was a newborn at Stanford NiCU.. She LOVES to pretend like she's talking on the phone! Every time I do my makeup in front of her, she gets really close to me and says "Me" as in put makeup on me Mom. So I put the brush on her cheeks and she giggles! Tynlee adores her little sister but you can definitely tell when she's getting jealous of Anistyn stealing the attention. She will just come sit right in your lap in front of Annie, especially when Stephen holds Anistyn. 

She is such a little explorer and can't stand to not know what is going on. She is so nosey and loves to people watch everywhere we go. She is definitely a water baby, loves being in the pool even though she's been under water a few times(non intentional). We have been showering together and she loves it. I give her a bar of soap and she will sit there and be entertained by dropping it and taking the 3+ minutes it takes to pick it back up again. 

She is very much into her daddy right now. She gets so excited when he gets home from work. She will just follow him while he washes his hands and changes his clothes and WHINE until he picks her up.Oh yes, the whining. It's getting to be a little much. But she's a girl and approaching, yes approaching, two years old. She can't use her words very well so she whines and throws fits. But no, she doesn't get away with it. We make it clear that that is NOT the way she will get what she wants. But she's 1 and a half, what do we expect from her. 

She is so quick. You turn your head for one minute and she's disappeared. She loves to pull cords out of light sockets and chases you (and the cord!) as your vacuuming the house. 

She eats EVERYTHING. Loves food SO much. Her new favorite thing is green grapes and she will eat PB&j for every meal if you wanted her too. She eats veggies and fruit so well. Even spinach! Praise God for a good eater. She drinks 3 coconut milk bottles a day and plenty of DILUTED juice and water in between. She LOVES to brush her teeth and is really good about letting you brush them good. But I mean, she pretty much just likes sucking the fruit toothpaste off of the brush! 

It's full on TRAINING and DISCIPLINING around our house. I mean seriously, everyday is like a battle field in the training aspect. We want to raise her right. And we know we aren't perfect, and we know we have a lot of work to do ourselves and we will mess up and wish we did things differently in some areas but we are trying our best to raise our daughters to first, LOVE GOD with everything they have, second, be hard workers without complaining and knowing that things don't just come to you in life, you must work hard for them. And the manners are being taught around here too. She is VERY good about saying "please" and "thank you" in sign language and with her little sweet voice.

Tynlee is all around the funnest little girl. She LOVES life and truly makes me smile and laugh EVERY single day. God gave me you Tynlee and for that I am FOREVER grateful!

Monday, August 13, 2012

TWO months old & a day trip!

Anistyn Reese is 2 months old.

Look at that button...Tynlee's used to be the SAME way!!

She grows every passing week.
And really loves to throw you the cutest little grin!
My husband says she is "attached" to me...she immediately calms down when I hold her.
I love it ;)

She nurses all the time it seems...definitely no schedule here!
She is the BIGGEST cuddle bug.
She likes to hold in "number 2" for a few days and then explode on everything. Literally. We, and everything within 3 feet needs a bath.
I love catching her smiling at Big Sister Tynlee.
They will soon be BFFs :)

Last weekend, we took the girls with us(hubs & I) to Half Moon Bay to celebrate our 4 year anniversary. We just went for the day. It was SO nice to get out of this heat and cruise over to 60 degree weather!
We ate at this DELICIOUS Italian restaurant that was pretty "upity"(sp?)
My husband got some crazy seafood dish that had every kind of sea creature. EW. but he LOVED it. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE most sea creatures for dinner ;) But this was like FRESH FRESH just caught 1 hour ago still have a pulse octopus and clams and all that jazz.
I got something I always get, fettucini alfredo and I was SO impressed. I usually like every alfredo but this was top 2 for sure!!
My friend Ashlie actually makes my favorite..(Love you Ashlie Barnum!!)
We walked around some on the beach and of course got ourselves SUCKED in to buying Salt Water of my favorites.
That wonderful day and trip was the day Annie decided to EXPLODE. Thankfully my 1 whole hour worth of packing for just the day, was worth it when I brought EXTRA clothes for me AND her. 
 We overall had a beautiful day...and so blessed to be able to spend our anniversaries as a FAMILY OF FOUR now :)

My heart is full with the love I have for my precious blessings.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

What being a mommy is ALL about.

I've always wanted to be a mother. I always have had a LOVE for children. I remember begging my older sister(11 years older) to have a baby when she was in high school. LOL. I look back now and can't believe I asked my sister to have a baby out of wedlock. Naughty girl I was! I had no idea. Anyways...I knew I wanted to be a mom and that is it. My mom was able to stay home and raise us when I was young and I thought it was very important. I understand some mamas need to work or want to work and that is totally fine...but I knew I always wanted to just be a wife and mom. I am so thankful my husband works SO hard for us that I am able to do so. Even though we don't get to go on these ravishing vacations or have the nicest cars or house, life is good and we still get to enjoy going out every once in a while and I still get to buy my babies cute clothes every so often. 

When Stephen and I got married, I had just turned 19. I thought I would want to wait to have kids. I was taking my birth control like a good girl. I missed a couple days of my pills(OOPS!!) and my period was 2 days late...I thought for sure I was pregnant. Stephen came home from work and I remember just crying saying I'm SO sorry, I was late on taking a couple pills and now I'm pregnant. Even before I had taken a test. Well, he was excited to say the least. He didn't care really. He knew it was best to wait a while to have children but if I got pregnant, he would be happy. So I took a test....NEGATIVE.
I was actually disappointed.
We realized we wanted kids sooner than later so we started "trying".
I had no idea it would take us a while to get pregnant.
I mean, both our families are FERTILE MERTILS!
Get pregnant just starring at their spouse.
So I was surprised when a few months went by and we weren't pregnant.
Little did we know, almost 2 years later, we would FINALLY get pregnant with our little Tynlee. 
I had 2 miscarriages while waiting to conceive her.
I was on progesterone when I got pregnant with her cause they figured that was the problem with the other babies and it worked. 
I remember just waiting for the second trimester to get here so I could take a huge breathe knowing that miscarriages are rare then. I was so sick with Tynlee. Threw up everday pretty much until 24 weeks or so. But I remember telling God, I don't care if I am sick, I just want a baby.
Well, I WAS definitely SICK. lol

I was so excited to be pregnant.
I couldn't wait to feel her move.
And I could not wait to find out the gender.
I just knew it was a boy.
My family makes boys like crazy and I thought a girl was just TOO good to be true.
When we found out she was a SHE, we were both shocked.
I was SO excited and Stephen, well, he was nervous.
We had "Porter" in our brains not Tynlee.
But it was such a great day finding out I was actually getting blessed with a LITTLE GIRL!!!!
Pregnant with Tynlee

Pregnant with Anistyn

I thought I knew what LOVE was when I was carrying her and Anistyn in my belly.
But I had no idea.
The moment I first saw both of them....I knew I would do ABSOLUTELY anything to protect them.
As you know, both of my birth experiences weren't ideal and both were very scary.
Both times in NICU and both times, I never got to experience the natural birth I wanted or even getting my babies in my room with me. 
I knew this was a love that was unconditional.
What's crazy is, is that it's only a GLIMPSE of how much Christ loves us.
And that's crazy to me.
It doesn't even compare to how much he loves US.
This love I have for my two girls, is a love that I can't describe.
You mamas can relate.
They truly are those good and perfect gifts from above like James says.
They were created and knit so perfectly in our womb(Psalm 139).



After Tynlee...we thought we would wait at least 6 months since I had a csection and the whole high blood pressure issue. Right at the 6 month mark, we started trying for #2 cause we figured it would take a while to get pregnant since it did last time.
We were wrong...and pleasantly surprised!
We got pregnant on the first try!!
Back on progesterone and growing a healthy baby!

I said all this to say that the little joys I find each day, doing the exact same thing, are moments I will never forget.
We are in full on TRAINING mode with Tynlee right now. She is almost 18 months and definitely starting to get her little personality and stubborn side(like her parents!). If you haven't read it, I encourage you to read Shepherding a Child's Heart and Dare to Discipline. GREAT BOOKS. 
It's a challenging time but I know it will be worth it in the end when she OBEYS ;)
But all that to say, when she kisses me 100x a day and laughs that sweet little giggle, my heart melts and I am just so thankful God gave me these two little girls to raise.
They are HIS ultimately but I am so thankful he chose us to call these precious babes OURS. 

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Our 4th Wedding Anniversary!!

4 years?!?!?!?

I remember that warm, beautiful, sunny August evening like it was yesterday. My face STILL hurts from smiling so much that day! (just kidding)
But really, time has flown by. Even though it feels like I've been his girl forever.
That day four years ago, was the best day of my life.
I will never forget Stephen's face when he first saw me walking down the aisle.
He was SO adorable. We kept our eyes glued to one another.
It was such a perfect day knowing we were finally going to be able to be husband and wife 
and be intimate, FINALLY!!
I've known Stephen since I was 11, when my sister married his cousin. 
Confusing, I know.
 But NO, we aren't related ;)
He is 5 years older than me so obviously, not interested.
Anyways, we reunited when I was 18, in November 2007 after he moved home from southern California.
We got engaged Valentine's Day 2008 and married 8.8.08 :)
So we do things QUICK style around here!
And that was the LONGEST 6 months "waiting" of my life.
But it was all worth it to finally be "ONE" on our wedding night since we saved it for marriage between us. 
It was special. and our marriage STILL is.

He still gives me that pounding feeling in my chest and the "gitty" feeling when he tells me he loves me.
We still have so much fun together and we are really starting to know what each other is thinking before we say it.
We've been through some good, some bad, some peaceful, some stressful, some ugly, some BEAUTIFUL, some happy and some sad times but every single one.....
we've been through TOGETHER.
With Christ the center of our lives, our marriage and our home, we can get through ANYTHING life throws at us even if at the time, we feel it's going to be impossible.
We were just talking the other day, and I asked him what his favorite year was so far?
He said this one because we have faced some CRAZY challenges but we've also grown the most and grown closer as husband and wife.
I agree.
I love how Stephen and I just click.
Like salt and pepper ;)
When he grabs my hand, I still get all warm and fuzzy inside.
4 years of marriage and 2 BEAUTIFUL girls together.
They are a little piece of me and a little piece of him, symbolizing our ONENESS
and our love for one another.
What more could I ask for ?
We are SO blessed to have eachother.
This is REAL love.
and it's a LOVE that I know can last a lifetime.
Our Honeymoon

Married ONE year!

Married TWO years!

Married THREE years!

I find him even hotter now that he's a dad.
Watching him interact with Tynlee & Anistyn just completely gets me EVERY SINGLE TIME.
I know all you wives can agree!
I love knowing that whatever I'm going through, he will be right there by my side. Not infront of me and not behind me, but BY MY SIDE.
He is my protector and I know he would do anything to keep me and the girls safe.
He is my provider, and he is why I get to stay home and raise my babies.
He is my soul mate, I know God was thinking of me when he made him.
He is my cuddle bug, I get to lay  my head on his chest every night and wake up to his "morning breath" every morning ;) What a treat!! bahahahaha!
It's the simple things he does for me like have the coffee ready for me when I wake up even though it means he wakes up 5 minutes early...seriously, what a sweetheart!
He starts my shower for me so it's nice and warm when I get in.
He vacuums and does dishes EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!
He sends me a random "Your beautiful and I love you" text everyday!
He sends cute love songs to my email.
He knows what to say when I'm feeling down.
I should probably stop, because you might fall in love with him too ;)

All I can say is, I am the most blessed girl to be married to Stephen Roy.

I truly believe in God's design for marriage.
No ifs, ands, or buts.
It's plain and clear in the Bible.
When I said "I do" to Stephen, I was making a promise to him and a covenant to God that I would LOVE and be married to Stephen till the day I die.
See, celebrities have this view that "Hey, if it doesn't work out in 5 years, big deal, we can get a divorce."
But it IS a big deal...
His two institutions are church and family.
So obviously those are VERY important to Him.
Marriage should be for a LIFETIME. That's what it was made for.
I have no fear of being married to one man my whole life. To me, that's how it's supposed to be and that's EXACTLY what I want.
Marriage IS beautiful.
It's not all about making yourself happy and content either. It's having a servant, Christ like attitude. And trust me, when you get that, your marriage will be MUCH better. 
I know i've only been married 4 years, but I have great examples in my life and I know how marriage should work.
Both grandparents married for 60 years and both sets of parents over 35 years. 
We want to do nothing but honor and serve Him in our home for our whole lives.

What a blessing it is to have such a Godly, preacher, of a husband that I know LOVES Christ even more than he loves me....He's a KEEPER!!

DATE NIGHT tonight and Monterey this weekend!!!!