Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Our Big 18 Month Old!

Another month has passed too quickly and another month full of memories have been made that will forever be in my heart. Another month, I have been blessed to have with my little BIG Tynlee girl. Boy, she sure is a blast to have around this house. She is always getting into something and leaving a tornado everywhere she goes. But hey, it's fun right!!??

How is she a whole year and a HALF old???? Seems cray-cray to me. 
We just had her 1st birthday it feels like!!!

Our Tynlee Anne, has quite the personality. Always making faces whether it's a scowl, a grin, a concerned look or an excited look, she has one for exactly how she is feeling at the moment. She has a vocabulary that we can't fully understand but she does. She says tons of words, TONS. Her new ones are "pity" aka pretty, "cheese" aka take a picture of me, "bee" aka peek a boo, "Tittle tittle" aka tickle, she says "Annie" so clear, she says some form of the word "cracker" and "bear" for her big pink teddy bear that her "Bonnie" aka grandma got her when she was a newborn at Stanford NiCU.. She LOVES to pretend like she's talking on the phone! Every time I do my makeup in front of her, she gets really close to me and says "Me" as in put makeup on me Mom. So I put the brush on her cheeks and she giggles! Tynlee adores her little sister but you can definitely tell when she's getting jealous of Anistyn stealing the attention. She will just come sit right in your lap in front of Annie, especially when Stephen holds Anistyn. 

She is such a little explorer and can't stand to not know what is going on. She is so nosey and loves to people watch everywhere we go. She is definitely a water baby, loves being in the pool even though she's been under water a few times(non intentional). We have been showering together and she loves it. I give her a bar of soap and she will sit there and be entertained by dropping it and taking the 3+ minutes it takes to pick it back up again. 

She is very much into her daddy right now. She gets so excited when he gets home from work. She will just follow him while he washes his hands and changes his clothes and WHINE until he picks her up.Oh yes, the whining. It's getting to be a little much. But she's a girl and approaching, yes approaching, two years old. She can't use her words very well so she whines and throws fits. But no, she doesn't get away with it. We make it clear that that is NOT the way she will get what she wants. But she's 1 and a half, what do we expect from her. 

She is so quick. You turn your head for one minute and she's disappeared. She loves to pull cords out of light sockets and chases you (and the cord!) as your vacuuming the house. 

She eats EVERYTHING. Loves food SO much. Her new favorite thing is green grapes and she will eat PB&j for every meal if you wanted her too. She eats veggies and fruit so well. Even spinach! Praise God for a good eater. She drinks 3 coconut milk bottles a day and plenty of DILUTED juice and water in between. She LOVES to brush her teeth and is really good about letting you brush them good. But I mean, she pretty much just likes sucking the fruit toothpaste off of the brush! 

It's full on TRAINING and DISCIPLINING around our house. I mean seriously, everyday is like a battle field in the training aspect. We want to raise her right. And we know we aren't perfect, and we know we have a lot of work to do ourselves and we will mess up and wish we did things differently in some areas but we are trying our best to raise our daughters to first, LOVE GOD with everything they have, second, be hard workers without complaining and knowing that things don't just come to you in life, you must work hard for them. And the manners are being taught around here too. She is VERY good about saying "please" and "thank you" in sign language and with her little sweet voice.

Tynlee is all around the funnest little girl. She LOVES life and truly makes me smile and laugh EVERY single day. God gave me you Tynlee and for that I am FOREVER grateful!


  1. she is so, so adorable! where did you get that little white and yellow outfit? i am in LOVE with it!

  2. Awe thank you! She is so much fun! I'm sure you can relate!! The skirt is from Target and the shirt. The jacket is Gap and my friend makes all their bows ;)

  3. your girls are adorable!

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  4. Thank you Joanna! Love new followers! I'll definitely be one of yours too!! xoxoxo