Thursday, August 2, 2012

What we've been up to...

So....I am happy to announce that we finally got our computer back and running and I was FINALLY able to upload pictures of my girls besides just instagram pictures. 
Here they are!!
Sweet Tynlee Anne drinking her "doose" aka juice

Anistyn at 8.5 weeks old...holding her head up!

Precious Anistyn at 3 weeks old

Daddy & Anistyn cuddle time

Mommy kisses

Day trip to Ironstone Vineyards...first REAL outing together as a family of FOUR!!!

Me pushing the beast stroller...but I LOVE it!!

Anistyn's 1st Sunday at church...2 weeks old!
Sisters were matching ;)

She LOVES to play with the controller!

Sweet and so peaceful


Sister bonding

Loves for dada!

Tickle monster is going to get you!

I can hear her excited nervous squeal now!

Her favorite thing to do...EAT!

Visiting with Papa and "Bonnie" aka Grandma

Such a GOOD big sister!

Helping mommy clean...(haha! with a wipey)

Beautiful baby!

Tynlee LOVES fruit!!!

Someone is sleepy....zzzzz!

Snacky snack time!!

LOVES to play outside!!

Exploring the leaf

A truck went by and she said "Wusss dat"...precious!

Closing the door on mommy!

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  1. Your girls are so ADORABLE!! I love all their outfits and bows. Also, D and I talked about if we had another baby we wanted to name it a T name and discussed how much we liked Tinsley for a girl and Trace for a boy.