Wednesday, September 26, 2012

20 Things I Want My Daughter's To Know

So true ...

I look into both our beautiful daughter's eyes and I just can't help but want time to stop...This stage is a stage I want to be in forever...A sweet, innocent baby who needs me constantly and a fun, full of energy, precious toddler...I know TOO soon they will be teenagers and HOPEFULLY best friends for life...I can't help but try, even at their young ages, to mold them into beautiful 
God-fearing servants for the Lord and for others...

I want them to know....

1.) God needs to be number one...regardless of what's going on in your "busy" little lives...never forget who is the giver of life and the one who washed all your sins away....

2.) Home is always open to you...wherever this crazy life may lead you, always know our door and your bed is always here waiting for you....

3.) My ears are always on....No matter what you need to talk about whether you think you'll be embarrassed or that it may hurt my feelings and disappoint me, I don't care....Talk to me and know you can come to Mom with absolutely anything....

4.) I will ALWAYS be your friend...Yes, I am MOM first, but I hope we can be "best" friends too and enjoy spending time together...

5.) Don't be afraid of failure...Try cheerleading, back hand springs, hitting a softball, try singing a solo  in front of church, play the piano in front of a huge crowd...Don't ever be too afraid to try things because you think you may embarrass yourself or fail...Life is all about trying new things...

6.) Don't judge others just off the way they look...I will be the first to say, I struggle with this...It's so easy to "judge a book by it's cover" but please, be the person who makes friends with the kid who everyone is "making fun of"..

7.) Be leaders....Yes, it's good to follow sometimes, like your husband...But be a strong leader who people can depend on...Be the supportive person others need and earn respect....

8.) Make the boys chase you...IF HE'S NOT WILLING TO WAIT FOR YOU, HE'S NOT WORTH IT IN THE END ANYWAYS...Don't go after him, he should pursue you...Date to marry, don't date a boy or should I say MAN, unless he's husband material...

9.) The number one thing you should look for in a boyfriend is if he truly loves the Lord with all his heart, soul and mind...If he does that, you know he can PROPERLY love and care for you...

10.) Work hard in everything you do...whether it's homework, sports, or your job...Be on time, be consistent  and be someone people can depend on...don't be flaky...Give 110% every time...don't give up...

11.) Enjoy your laugh everyday!

12.) Make smart choices...try to think about how every decision you make as a young girl, can affect your future...

13.) SAVE YOURSELF FOR YOU HUSBAND...Trust me, it's worth it on your wedding night...Being pure is something that is "made fun" of these days...But God tells us, our bodies are a temple....The marriage bed is only for the married and one man and one woman....You don't want to have to tell your husband someday, that he wasn't the only one. It's a special thing...and you have your WHOLE marriage to enjoy it so don't let one silly guy talk you into it cause you probably won't end up with him anyways...

14.) Respect authority....Don't back talk teachers or those older than you...respect them fully...Call them Mr. and Mrs....

15.) Be lovable...don't be bitter...don't hold grudges...BE FORGIVING...

16.) Show honesty...even when it's hard...even if your afraid of hurting your dad or upsetting your mom, every good relationship is built around TRUST... Especially your relationship with Christ...

17.) Serve others...put your needs behind them you care about them...

18.) Read your bible everyday....even if it's for 5 minutes...God deserves our time...

19.) Give God the glory in the good times and the bad...even if it's hard....God doesn't make bad things happen to us...He is right there on your side, waiting for you to cry out to him to heal your wounds...He allows us to go through trials so we may cling to Him and draw near to Him...Praise him in the good and the bad!

20.) Know and understand that Mom and Dad love you unconditionally...We will always support you, always care for you, always always always love you. You are our precious gifts from God and we are so blessed to be your parents...We are excited to raise you and watch you grow into beautiful young women who love God with everything you have....

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

New beginnings start now.

A Wedding.....A Birthday.....and A New Job!!!

I have been so bad about blogging lately and even didn't do the last "Show and Tell" from Becky and I was so disappointed. It's not that I've been busy, I've just been lazy so excuse me!

Our life has been crazy lately...lots of CHANGE!
Change is sometimes a very good thing-Except if it's OBAMA'S type of change!!
oops...did I really just say that!? LOL!!

This past weekend, our little Tynlee Anne was the flower girl in my younger cousin Erin's BEAUTIFUL country chic, totally "pinterested" wedding! 
It was one of the most gorgeous weddings I've ever been to.
Hands down, if I could do it all over again (with the same man of course!), I would have my wedding the way she did. 
Burlap, lace, outdoors at a ranch called "Forget me Knot", under a HUGE willow tree, cookie bar etc. FLAT.OUT.AMAZING. 
Her wedding photographer was actually referred to by us(He was ours, Photo209) and she went with him! 
So it was wonderful to see him and his sweet wife again{they took maternity pictures of us as well when I was pregnant with Tynlee}. 

It was a late afternoon wedding and still pretty warm but there was tons of shade where the ceremony was and also tons of shade where reception was. All the tables were under a huge willow tree. SO LOVELY. They basically has a barn with no sides on it where the bar and dance floor was. We had delicious steaks, mashed potatoes, green beans, bread and salad and the food was just the icing on the cake. They had a cookie bar for favors and the little bag that you were able to fill up with a variety of cookies said 
"A SWEET ending to our NEW beginning"
Loved it!

I can't wait to see all the pictures and I will post some for you!

Tynlee was pulled in a little old rusty "Radio Flyer" wagon by my cousin Tara's 2 little boys.(Tara is Erin's sister). Tynlee did such a good job! I was so proud of her! She's pretty shy these days so I was worried about how she would do. 

{At my baby shower for Anistyn, Erin gave me a book for Tynlee that was all about flower girls and that's how she asked if Tynlee would be in her wedding...I cried of course...It was adorable and something Tynlee will always have as a reminder...Erin even wrote Tynlee a nice little note inside.}

Saturday, was also my husband's 28th birthday!!
I can't believe it..He's lucky he married a younger woman{23 to be exact} ;)
Totally kidding, I'M the "lucky" one!
He didn't really like spending his birthday at a wedding, what guy does?
So him and Tynlee left after the ceremony to go home and watch
his team play football, Michigan.
Anistyn and I stayed for the reception and enjoyed visiting with my cousin Jen, from Chicago.

We ended up celebrating his birthday Sunday after church.
I made him his request, Tacos of course!
His parents came over also.

My husband has been working for his uncle and his cousin(who is ALSO my brother inlaw)
for as long as we've been together so 5 years as a painting contractor. He decided to change jobs to a company called Grainger. Stephen worked there in the past and really feels its the right move for our family. Great benefits, profit sharing, commission structure, etc. It was an answer to prayer. Even though it was difficult to say goodbye to his job working with his uncle and cousin, he knew it was best for us in the long run.
He just started training on Monday and will be spending 2 more weeks of it...
He get a work vehicle(a Jeep!) which can be used for personal use, a new iPhone5(LUCKY!!!) and he gets a home office, SWEET!!
He will be doing sales.
His dad also works for the same company and so does his good friend!

Tynlee also turned 19 months a few days ago!!
She is saying TONS of words...
Her new favorite thing to say when we ask her if she wants something is "Yeah!".
Thank goodness she says YES more than NO ;)
Her favorite "toy" right now is a "baby wipe"...seriously!
She is really doing great in church these days.
I just bought her a color book and stickers and it keeps her very well occupied during church.
She doesn't like when you try to take a crayon and color with her though...Darn cause I really like to color! LOL.
She is pretty much wearing 18-24 month clothes now and eating everything in sight.

Anistyn is already 16 weeks old... baby is getting so big.
She sat her in her bumbo for the first time today.

For only being 10 lbs, she sure is STRONG.
Rolls over both ways and can hold her little noggin' up for a real long time on her tummy.
I finally took her to the Dr. for the first time since she was 8 days old.
She was only 10.3 lbs and 21.5 inches long.
Yes, such a little peanut pie.

Tynlee was 14.5 lbs by now so Anistyn is very petite.
{Who does she get that from!?!?}
At first, I was nervous our new pediatrician was going to say she was TOO small.
But thankfully, he said she's in the 85th percentile for being born at 36 weeks!
She got her first shots that visit.
DTaP & Pneumococal(sp?).
She is such a smiley little girl.
VERY content for the most part.
Except in the carseat{she's not a huge fan}
We took a family trip to Old Navy and Kohl's last night and she pretty much
fussed the whole time, even though she had a VERY full belly. :/
Yeah, I don't get out much.
She's a touch little thing, getting jabbed and wacked every once in a while by big sis, totally on accident though.
For the most part, Tynlee is very gentle with her.
The first thing she says every morning is "Tissy" or "Annie".
Anistyn likes to look at toys you hold in front of her face.
and she has just discovered her little hands and I can't keep them out of her mouth.
She loves to suck on her two middle fingers...melt me!
Sleeps 10 hours straight at night! WOO HOO!!!

Yes, our lives are changing with the new job and stuff but it's ALL good things
and hey, it may be a bit of a sacrifice in the beginning with the traveling for training and stuff but ultimately, it looks to be in God's plan for us and that's what we want.

We are a happy family of four just going with the punches!

Monday, September 10, 2012

Show and Tell: Baby Talk

Linking Up with Becky at From Mrs. To Mama for her weekly link up, Show and Tell.  This week is All About Babies!

1. Tell us your favorite baby names? Aside from your own babies, if you have some :)

Boys: Porter(my maiden name), Lincoln, Graham, Tatum & Titus

Girls: Tynlee, Anistyn, Paisley, Brynna, Brynn

2. Show me your "dream" nursery {can be your baby's nursery or one that you love}

Boy Nursery Boy Nursery Boy NurseryCute colorsGirls nurseryLove these colorsnursery, #nursery

3. How many children would you like to have? How far apart?

Well, we wanted 6...but I think God has other plans for us. I think we have decided on 3 maybe 4. Right now, we are completely content with our 2 daughters and my husband said he would be fine if we stopped now. But I'm personally, not ready yet. Even though, being pregnant is hard for me, I still LOVE being pregnant(besides the throwing up!). I'm only 23 and making things final, is out of the question right now. I do have pretty rough pregnancies with high blood pressure, low platelets and pre term labor but it's ALL worth it in the end. I want to be healthy for the two children I have though, so we have decided to pray about number 3 and the timing of it all. I know people have their own opinions like we should stop and not have anymore but that really is for us to decide. We definitely are not even thinking about getting pregnant till Anistyn is at least 18 months but we will see...I know things can change but I want to do my best to be as healthy as I can be before trying for baby #3. Plus, I have had to have emergency c-sections both times, and I really don't want to have more than 4 of them due to scar tissue etc. Hopefully, I will get my VBAC next time but if not, that's okay too because I heal WONDERFULLY after csections. (they really aren't that bad or scary like most woman think!)

4. Tell us what you think the importance of parenting is?

Very powerful. What mom doesn't need to hear this?

This is a question that has MANY answers. 

*But I know in our home, the absolute most important thing you can teach your child is to love God with everything they have, to honor Him, & desire to serve Him all the days of their lives. Even now, we read the bible to our daughters, pray with them, bring them to church and have them sit "quietly" with us, and most importantly, we try to be the godly parents God has called us to be. The best example we can be to them is showing them we love the Lord in our daily lives. 


*Kiss them and tell them you love them every chance you can

*When in doubt, choose the kids..there will be plenty of time for work later

*Be consistent in disciplining them and just in life

*Show affection towards your spouse in front of them

*Give them responsibilities...Teach them to serve rather than being served

5. Show us your favorite newborn photo {can be your children or random}

Tynlee Anne

 Anistyn Reese

6.  Tell us some things you promise to never do as a parent {and if you are a parent, did you stick to it}

I promised to never let my child sleep in our bed...I have NOT stickin' to it because I think there are some nights that call for sick or just want some extra cuddles..It doesn't take away from mommy & daddy time and it's special sometimes for us to do that. The night before I had Anistyn(we didn't know it), we put Tynlee in our bed and I don't regret it one bit cause it was the last night as a family of 3. 

I promised to never discipline my child in public(spank) but sometimes, you just have to. They forget so fast what they did wrong at this age that you need to be consistent wherever you go.

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Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Anistyn is 3 Months Old

I can't even say it!!! It came too fast!! 
My newborn is now a baby...

She grew last night in her sleep, I'm serious.
She has brought us so much happiness in her three months 
of life so far.

She sleeps ALL night!!! From about 10pm-6am then eats for like ten minutes, then back down till at least 9am!
{ The trick I think, is letting her sleep on her tummy. }
She is exclusively breast fed.
She is in size 1 diapers.
(makes me SO sad to say bye bye to the little tiny newborn ones!)
She is growing out of the newborn size onesies and pretty much wears 0-3 months and some 3 month clothes; so right on track!!
So proud of her for being a month early and catching up!!
I have no idea how much she weighs, haven't been to doctor since she was 9 days old :/ { BAD mom? }
We would say she is like 11 maybe 12 lbs.
And she is VERY long.
Tynlee was short and chubby and Anistyn is tall and thin
except for those "PORTER" jaws she has.
She is quite the smiley little girl. I love when she smiles at Tynlee.
Ahhhh...I have to hold back the tears!
{ Cry baby these days, I tell ya! }
She is not a big fan of her carseat, only while the car is moving.
It's so crazy how her and Tynlee are so different as babies.
She takes a pacifier or should I say "Ma Ma" pretty good but definitely on her terms ;)
She is the biggest cuddle bug...Loves to cuddle up into your neck and you can feel her little breath on you. 
She loves when we sing to her.
She is such a happy girl and very content until 6pm rolls around and she gets a little fussy for a few hours.
I can't believe this angel has been in our lives for 3 months already. 
We fall more in love with her everyday!

All ready for pretty girls!

Monday, September 3, 2012

Show and Tell: Fall is in the air!

Today, I am happy to be linking up with the beautiful Becky at From Mrs to Mama :)
I have really enjoyed these link-ups and really excited for next weeks, all about babies!

1. Tell us what you are looking forward to this fall?

Fall is easily my favorite time of year. I love everything about it from the cool breezes, to the baking, to the colored trees, to the scarves & cute boots, to the delicious pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks!

Thanksgiving is my absolute, hands down favorite holiday.

2. Show us your fall style.

3. Tell us your favorite things to do in the fall. If you have children, activities to do with the kids?

I love being outside in the fall since you don't have to worry about getting hot{I am not happy when I'm hot!!}. Last year, Tynlee was only 8-10 months in the fall time so we didn't do many "fall" activities. Even though this year Anistyn will be small, Tynlee(18-20 months) may enjoy the fall festivities such as baking with me, carving pumpkins, trick or treating, and playing in the leaves! 
I'm really looking forward to it!!

4. Show us your favorite fall beverage.

5. Tell us, how you will be participating in Halloween this year. Plans? Costume ideas? 

We aren't BIG on Halloween but we aren't opposed to having a little fun that night either. I don't like the weird and scary costumes of Halloween or the skeleton and spider web decorations but I do love the fall decor such as leaves and pumpkins and cute{not scary!} scarecrows. 
I plan on dressing the girls up, definitely. Not decided on what I want them to be yet but I have a few ideas in my head. My husband REFUSES to dress up and I don't want to dress up if he doesn't. But I MAY change my mind. 
I guess he's just "too cool" for that! :(
We will probably go trick or treating in our neighborhood, since it's our first year here and Tynlee will hopefully enjoy it. 
I am hoping to maybe go to a little wholesome carnival with the girls as well!