Friday, October 19, 2012

Enjoying the small things.

The weather wants to cool down but today was a whopping 88 degrees..Ewww. But next week calls for showers so I'm very happy about that. When the weather cools off, it's so much more bearable to bring the littles outside for some Vitamin D and playtime.

Tynlee like most children, loves being outside. If she's fussy, it's what I always do to turn her frown upside down. She loves watching the neighbor children play out in the street. There are TONS of kids on our block but it looks like my children are definitely the youngest and too little to play with them right now.

She loves to pick everything that looks like it's misplaced off the grass and give it to us whether it's a flower, a dandelion, a weed {helpful!} or a leaf. 

We have fun watching her little mind explore and figure things out. She just enjoys the fresh air and running back and forth. It's nice cause our front yard {that still needs LOTS of TLC btw} has a gate around it so I feel safe just letting her run free.

I can't wait to do yard work on our house. Now that husband is making some more money, we hope to re-vamp it up next Spring with lots of flowers, bark, trees, etc. So EXCUSE the ugly weeds. We TRY to keep it mowed but this week has been CRAZY with husband adjusting to work and he's been working 12 hours day and mowing the lawn, is the least of our worries ya know?

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They just keep on growing.

I can't believe Tynlee is almost 20 months old already and Anistyn is 4.5 months old. 
They are so sweet and so hilarious to watch.
They are starting to interact with one another.
The first thing besides "Ba Ba" that Tynlee says every morning is "Tissy" aka Anistyn.
I love that she loves her and can't wait to see her every morning.
Anistyn just smiles so big at Tynlee.
Even though Tynlee can SOMETIMES be a little rough, Anistyn takes it like a champ and still seems as happy as can be.
Anistyn loves to just roll all across the living room floor and being as we don't wear shoes in our house, I let her ;)
Tynlee's favorite toy these days is definitely her dolly. She always has her "baby" with her and rocks's adorable.
Tynlee has been doing this weird thing lately. Pulling out her hair. After every nap I go into her room and her hair is all over pillow and her pacifier and hands. I have no idea why she does this but it's only during naptime. All her curls are gone and she has bald spots. It makes me so sad. I hope and pray she stops VERY soon. 
Tynlee loves to color and play stickers and she obsessed with dogs.
Pretty much every animal is a dog these days though.
She loves to try to sing the ABC's and dances whenever I sing them to her.

Stephen started his new job at Grainger and he enjoys it so far. Even though it's  a huge adjustment, we know it will be so beneficial for our families' future with retirement and benefits. His first day on his own was Monday. 

Here are some pictures of our life lately.
(Excuse the camera pictures, I can't find out camera)

Pumpkin patch fun.

{ FYI, I can't find my camera at the moment so all my pictures are taken by Instagram :( }

We got out of the house last night and we had a lot of fun visiting a local pumpkin patch called Dutch Hollow Farms. It's a great place. It just opened for the first time last year I believe. They have tons of fun things for kids to do, pony rides, hay rides, animals, corn maze, corn corral {full of kernels to play with like sand}, a straw bounce {huge trampoline like thing}, and farm equipment to play on. 

Tynlee is still a little young for most of that but she did enjoy the hay ride and checking out the horses, cows and goats. She mostly just enjoyed running her little heart out. She was running so fast, she actually lost a shoe ;) She said "Uh oh" in the most concerned little voice. Stephen and I cracked up. Thankfully he was able to get a picture for that hilarious memory.

She enjoyed picking out a pumpkin...We got 2 big ones and 2 small ones to signify our family of 4. Can't wait to decorate them :) I am completely grossed out by the carving but I will definitely get my craft on with them.

Poor Anistyn was sneezing a lot during the hay ride and we came home and her little eyes were red. But she was still a happy girl and enjoyed being toted around by her dad.

Blurry cause of hay ride...sorry!
I just love fall, pretty much EVERYTHING about it.
The food, the weather{it still needs to cool down more, stinkin' California sun!}, the holidays, the colors...It's fabulous.

Best picture I could get on the go...So blurry on that hay ride :)

Monday, October 8, 2012

Show and Tell: If.....

Today I'm linking up with Becky for Show and should too! :)

1. If you could relive any memory in your life, tell us what it would be, and what/if anything you
would change about it?

This is tough...because there are 4 SUPER amazingly special days in my book...I can't really pick the one I would like to relive the MOST...

---When I was saved at church camp two weeks before I got husband was preaching the sermon that night and when he gave the alter call, I immediately went down to the altar and my life was changed forever..check out the whole story under "Testimony" on header.
---Our wedding day...such a beautiful perfect day! 4 years later and I am more in love with him than I was that day ;)
---Tynlee's birth...even though the end of the pregnancy was rough with the high BP and low platelets etc. and I was induced at 36 weeks which ended in an emergency c-section{planned for a non medicated "Bradley" birth}, I'd still do it again just to be in the moment and see her again for the first time. 
---Anistyn's was also a tough pregnancy with premature labor starting at 20 weeks, to high BP, to low platelets, to her heart rate dropping, etc. It also ended in a c-section because of her heart rate even though we planned for a VBAC. It was still a beautiful day!
{I would change both my births to NATURAL vaginal deliveries with neither times, babies going to NiCu. I never got to have either of my babies in my room with me while in hospital :(}
But I shouldn't say I would change it, because I am not that way, I wish things were DIFFERENT, I guess but everything was in God's plan and they are healthy and both home and life couldn't be any better!

2. If you could be any celebrity or well-known person, show us who you would be.

Believe it or not....I like being myself because of who I share this life with :) But if I had to chose simply because I love this person, it would have to be the lovely, classy, beautiful, and smart,

Sarah Palin

3. If you won the lottery, tell us would take the lump sum or take the money overtime, would you continue working or quit right away, would you reveal who you are, and what are some of the first things you would spend with your money?

Definitely depends on how much...If it's a huge amount, I'd take all and smaller amount, I'd take over time..

I am a stay at home mama, so I wouldn't have to worry about quitting my job :)

I would pay off our house, buy a ranchette out in the country, buy a couple horses, a travel trailor for camping, and a couple jet skis and a quad, take family trips to Alaska, Michigan(to see the Wolverines play), Hawaii, Disney World and maybe Ireland. Then I would give money to Breast Cancer research(for my mom and grandma. Fill our closets with the awesomest wardrobes etc. lots of heels and boots ;). Then I would give some money to our families including siblings and grandparents. I would give money to our Baptist missionaries. I could go on and on :) I can dream, can't I??

4. If you could live anywhere, show us where it would be and tell us why.

Live on 4+ acres in a beautiful country/cabin home with a wrap around porch, a HUGE kitchen and living room, with a barn, a pond and a killer front yard FAR from the road, with a swing, and a white vinyl fence around it. We would love to move to Alaska someday....Wasilla here we come!
We are country people and love the outdoors.
I can't stand the city.
Charming country cape
gorgeous rustic ceiling.Great rockers and beadboard ceilingLovely bedroom

5. If you could have one magic power, what would be and what would you do with it?

Stop time in it's tracks so I'm able to really soak things up and live in the moment...
That would be amazing.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anistyn Turns 4 Months

I can't believe I am even saying this....
Wasn't it JUST June?


Anistyn has brought our family more love than we ever thought possible.
She's the perfect little baby.
She rolls over both ways really well.{Darn, no more couch}
She just started sitting in her bumbo{with the restraints ;)} and she loves it.
She watches Baby Einstein while sitting in that and she looks SO tiny.
Because she is. She is truly a peanut weighing in at MAYBE 11 lbs now.
She is exclusively breast fed and I plan on doing so till at least 9 months. {Just like with Tynlee}
She loves to "talk" to you when you talk to her.
She loves to sit in her swing and talk to the mobile going around and around.
When I sing, it soothes her. She usually instantly stops crying!
She sleeps through the night, from about 10pm(last feeding) till 6-7am, eats, then goes right back to sleep.
She loves tummy time WAY better than being on her back, being as, she sleeps on her tummy.
She is NOT a fan of her carseat regardless of if you just fed her or not. If she's not sleeping the car, she usually is crying :(
She is starting to smile when Tynlee "talks" to about melt this mama's heart!!!
Bath time, she completely loves. Smiles almost the entire time.
Definitely super cuddly. LOVES being held. But what baby doesn't?
But she DOES love to cuddle up in your neck. She can sleep on daddy's chest for HOURS.