Thursday, October 4, 2012

Anistyn Turns 4 Months

I can't believe I am even saying this....
Wasn't it JUST June?


Anistyn has brought our family more love than we ever thought possible.
She's the perfect little baby.
She rolls over both ways really well.{Darn, no more couch}
She just started sitting in her bumbo{with the restraints ;)} and she loves it.
She watches Baby Einstein while sitting in that and she looks SO tiny.
Because she is. She is truly a peanut weighing in at MAYBE 11 lbs now.
She is exclusively breast fed and I plan on doing so till at least 9 months. {Just like with Tynlee}
She loves to "talk" to you when you talk to her.
She loves to sit in her swing and talk to the mobile going around and around.
When I sing, it soothes her. She usually instantly stops crying!
She sleeps through the night, from about 10pm(last feeding) till 6-7am, eats, then goes right back to sleep.
She loves tummy time WAY better than being on her back, being as, she sleeps on her tummy.
She is NOT a fan of her carseat regardless of if you just fed her or not. If she's not sleeping the car, she usually is crying :(
She is starting to smile when Tynlee "talks" to about melt this mama's heart!!!
Bath time, she completely loves. Smiles almost the entire time.
Definitely super cuddly. LOVES being held. But what baby doesn't?
But she DOES love to cuddle up in your neck. She can sleep on daddy's chest for HOURS.

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