Friday, October 19, 2012

Enjoying the small things.

The weather wants to cool down but today was a whopping 88 degrees..Ewww. But next week calls for showers so I'm very happy about that. When the weather cools off, it's so much more bearable to bring the littles outside for some Vitamin D and playtime.

Tynlee like most children, loves being outside. If she's fussy, it's what I always do to turn her frown upside down. She loves watching the neighbor children play out in the street. There are TONS of kids on our block but it looks like my children are definitely the youngest and too little to play with them right now.

She loves to pick everything that looks like it's misplaced off the grass and give it to us whether it's a flower, a dandelion, a weed {helpful!} or a leaf. 

We have fun watching her little mind explore and figure things out. She just enjoys the fresh air and running back and forth. It's nice cause our front yard {that still needs LOTS of TLC btw} has a gate around it so I feel safe just letting her run free.

I can't wait to do yard work on our house. Now that husband is making some more money, we hope to re-vamp it up next Spring with lots of flowers, bark, trees, etc. So EXCUSE the ugly weeds. We TRY to keep it mowed but this week has been CRAZY with husband adjusting to work and he's been working 12 hours day and mowing the lawn, is the least of our worries ya know?

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