Tuesday, October 16, 2012

They just keep on growing.

I can't believe Tynlee is almost 20 months old already and Anistyn is 4.5 months old. 
They are so sweet and so hilarious to watch.
They are starting to interact with one another.
The first thing besides "Ba Ba" that Tynlee says every morning is "Tissy" aka Anistyn.
I love that she loves her and can't wait to see her every morning.
Anistyn just smiles so big at Tynlee.
Even though Tynlee can SOMETIMES be a little rough, Anistyn takes it like a champ and still seems as happy as can be.
Anistyn loves to just roll all across the living room floor and being as we don't wear shoes in our house, I let her ;)
Tynlee's favorite toy these days is definitely her dolly. She always has her "baby" with her and rocks it...it's adorable.
Tynlee has been doing this weird thing lately. Pulling out her hair. After every nap I go into her room and her hair is all over pillow and her pacifier and hands. I have no idea why she does this but it's only during naptime. All her curls are gone and she has bald spots. It makes me so sad. I hope and pray she stops VERY soon. 
Tynlee loves to color and play stickers and she obsessed with dogs.
Pretty much every animal is a dog these days though.
She loves to try to sing the ABC's and dances whenever I sing them to her.

Stephen started his new job at Grainger and he enjoys it so far. Even though it's  a huge adjustment, we know it will be so beneficial for our families' future with retirement and benefits. His first day on his own was Monday. 

Here are some pictures of our life lately.
(Excuse the camera pictures, I can't find out camera)

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