Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Slow down, baby girl.

Well as you can see, my poor blog has been so NEGLECTED as I hardly ever blog anymore...It makes me sad that I haven't been good on the month to months with little Anistyn like I was with Tynlee. {I praise you moms who do so with more than one child.} I will just update you on our little peanut as she is changing ever so quickly and right before our eyes.

Anistyn is currently 7.5 months, and will be 8 months on February 4th...I can't believe I'm saying that! She is still the teeniest, most petite little angel. I believe she's 13-14 pounds. Being as, I weigh her at home. {Haven't taken her to the doctor since she was 3.5 months.}

But don't let her size fool you. This girl has been on the move since she was 6 months old! And I mean, full on crawling on all 4's at six months old! She started pulling up on couches, chairs, end tables, whatever she could grab at 6.5 months old. I tried gently "pushing" her down or should I say "pulling her off" and I tried the whole "stop her from crawling thing" but this girl is UNSTOPPABLE. She wants to play with her Big Sister! And that is obvious.

No words yet. No mama. No dada. No nothing.
She says a lot of jibber jabber though. 
But for the most part, our little love is reserved, shy, lady of few words, cuddly and very tender hearted. 
Her shy little "turn the head" away thing is in full bloom and you can't help but go "AWWW!!"
She is a total mama's girl. Always wants me to hold her and if I'm not holding her, she's got to see me. She will follow me all around the house and WHINE if I walk past her without acknowledging her cute self.

She is still pretty much, only breastfed.
We attempted green beans when she was 6 months old one time.
And sweet potatoes a few weeks later, one time.
And yesterday, I gave her peas.
So for the most part, exclusively breastfeeding which is conveinant and fine by me :)

She's in size 2 diapers and mostly 6 month clothes.
She LOVES bathtime with Tynlee and she thinks it's hilarious to splash everyone.

Tynlee likes to tell her "No, Nannie" when she pulls up on things. She tries to be her "little mommy" and it's hecka adorable. Except for when she {not trying to hurt her} pulls her hands off of whatever she's leaning on and Anistyn falls and usually never cries. She does that because I used to pull her off of everything cause she was unstable and it scared me. BUT---I know I can trust Tynlee with her. They always play in Tynlee's room alone and I completely trust it. 

I can already tell the kinda of sweet person she's going to be with the most gentle little spirit. She gets brokenhearted when you tell her "NO" and completely breaks down! So I'm thankful disciplining her, hopefully, will be easier.

Watching Tynlee & Anistyn interact is the sweetest, most heart melting thing a mama can watch. Watching the two little loves you and your husband (and of course, God) created be friends, "get along", play together, "share toys", laugh, giggle, coo and sigh at one another, is just AHHHH, you have to see it within your kids to know what I'm talking about. All you mommies with more than one, can relate I'm sure.

Everyone always compliments her beautiful big blue eyes.

She is the best addition to our growing family.
We love you baby girl.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Christmas Time

We had a great Christmas, of course. We spent both days, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with our families going several different places but that's what it's all about...sharing God's love with our families.

This December consisted of:*Anistyn's first Christmas!
*Christmas on the Farm
*Christmas Tree Lane three times!
*Granddaughter Bake Night
*Beautiful Christmas church service
*Stephen's aunts
*My sister's
*My in-law's
*The snow

We got the girls lots and lots of BOOKS, a vaccuum, stacking toys, balls, cars, farm animals, outfits, shoes, a piano and a chatter phone.

We went to Del Osso' Farms "Christmas on the Farm" and they had a hill with snow where you could tube down, ice skating, pony rides, pictures with Santa, etc. SUPER FUN but SUPER FREEZING. Tynlee wanting nothing to do with Santa. She kept saying "No!" in the saddest, almost crying, little voice. 

Granddaughter bake night at Grandma Darlene's house

Stephen's sister and brother in law and sweet little man came to visit from Washington. Her and her husband are both in the Army.
Anistyn & cousin Ryeland, 2 weeks apart

Christmas service at church
Tynlee & her cousin Lily..pretty girls!
The week before Christmas service, Tynlee sang up on stage for the first time with the kiddos. I couldn't help but shed some tears! She's growing too quickly. 
Anistyn's First Christmas
The most beautiful girls in the world :)
Christmas Eve started by going to Stephen's aunts house with the whole Howard clan and opening gifts and of course, grubbing on yummy food!

We ended Christmas Eve over at my sister's house with my side of the family getting spoiled by TONS of gifts from my parents and again, delicious food!!!
Little did we know it was the last food of Grandma Bev's we would ever eat....so sad! :( 

My parents got Tynlee a stroller(buggy) for her dolls with the cutest new dolly. A shopping cart full of Melisa and Doug food and some books and clothes. And they got Anistyn TONS and TONS of outfits and a cute Mud Pie dolly.

My parents and their grandbabies...plus 2 on the way!! :) Not me this time!
We all wore our pajamas, it was fun!

Christmas morning after we opened the girls' presents at home, we headed over to my inlaws for Chocolate gravy and more gifts/stockings!

Friday, January 18, 2013

I will miss you, Grandma Bev.

 ~Grandma Bev~

Just yesterday, January 17, 2013 @ 11:59am... the most wonderful woman I've ever known, my Grandma Bev, passed from this life into Christ's arms as we sang "Farther Along" to her.......

t has been rough to say the least. Yes, I find comfort in knowing she's with Him in eternity but boy, do I want her here!? She was truly the best example I could give of a Virtuous(Proverbs 31) woman. She had such a selfless, servants heart, always putting others above her own. ALWAYS.

Grandma was the first super close person to pass away in my life.....

Grandma and Tynlee

She made each of her children, grandchildren, great grandchildren and even those who weren't family feel LOVED. She had so much love to give. And she made each of us feel like the "favorite" even though she treated us all the same. She would get our birthday card signed and sealed at least a month before our birthdays. 


She always took the time to teach me how to cook or bake when I wanted to...I was blessed to learn how to make her delicious strawberry jam, fried chicken and fudge...There is still way  more I wanted to learn but I will now just indulge myself in her priceless recipe books.

She loved her family. Grandma was LOVE. She always welcomed you into her home with open arms and a beautiful smile that could light up a gloomy day.

I'm going to miss her elaborate Thanksgiving dinner, her pinching my cheeks, her coconut cream and butterscotch pies, her doing the jitterbug with Grandpa in the living room...I remember when she got me and my cousin ready for our first dance in 5th grade, and when she would let us stay the night whenever we wanted and make us the most comfy pallet on the floor, and she would take us on dates to Latif's restaurant and get us a strawberry shake, and even took us on several trips in the motorhome. 


I'm gong to miss her everyday...but I want to take the wonderful example she set before us and let it shine through me so my girls will know her and the amazing woman she was.

I thank God that she was my Grandma and that I had such a close relationship with her. I truly know, I had the best. She raised 4 boys and did such a wonderful job. Not only was she a wonderful homemaker, hard worker, cook, loving and super woman, she most importantly loved the Lord with all her heart. What an honor to be called her Granddaughter.

My sweet grandpa and her were married 63 years!!! What a huge testimony of love...watching him beside her bedside this week, barely leaving her side, holding her hand, telling her how much he loves her, was so moving and so beautiful. I will cherish that forever......

Married 63 years, she had 4 sons, 13 grandchildren, and 34 great-grandchildren and counting....

The world will never be the same but we rest knowing we all be together again and she is in no more pain...she has a perfect body...and we will sit around Christ's table someday and Grandma will come out with a huge plate of fried chicken....

I love my Grandma Bev and I'm certain my girls will love her memory too.....


We always left her house with our hearts filled with LOVE and our bellies full with good FOOD.

I'll see you soon on that happy golden shore......