Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Slow down, baby girl.

Well as you can see, my poor blog has been so NEGLECTED as I hardly ever blog anymore...It makes me sad that I haven't been good on the month to months with little Anistyn like I was with Tynlee. {I praise you moms who do so with more than one child.} I will just update you on our little peanut as she is changing ever so quickly and right before our eyes.

Anistyn is currently 7.5 months, and will be 8 months on February 4th...I can't believe I'm saying that! She is still the teeniest, most petite little angel. I believe she's 13-14 pounds. Being as, I weigh her at home. {Haven't taken her to the doctor since she was 3.5 months.}

But don't let her size fool you. This girl has been on the move since she was 6 months old! And I mean, full on crawling on all 4's at six months old! She started pulling up on couches, chairs, end tables, whatever she could grab at 6.5 months old. I tried gently "pushing" her down or should I say "pulling her off" and I tried the whole "stop her from crawling thing" but this girl is UNSTOPPABLE. She wants to play with her Big Sister! And that is obvious.

No words yet. No mama. No dada. No nothing.
She says a lot of jibber jabber though. 
But for the most part, our little love is reserved, shy, lady of few words, cuddly and very tender hearted. 
Her shy little "turn the head" away thing is in full bloom and you can't help but go "AWWW!!"
She is a total mama's girl. Always wants me to hold her and if I'm not holding her, she's got to see me. She will follow me all around the house and WHINE if I walk past her without acknowledging her cute self.

She is still pretty much, only breastfed.
We attempted green beans when she was 6 months old one time.
And sweet potatoes a few weeks later, one time.
And yesterday, I gave her peas.
So for the most part, exclusively breastfeeding which is conveinant and fine by me :)

She's in size 2 diapers and mostly 6 month clothes.
She LOVES bathtime with Tynlee and she thinks it's hilarious to splash everyone.

Tynlee likes to tell her "No, Nannie" when she pulls up on things. She tries to be her "little mommy" and it's hecka adorable. Except for when she {not trying to hurt her} pulls her hands off of whatever she's leaning on and Anistyn falls and usually never cries. She does that because I used to pull her off of everything cause she was unstable and it scared me. BUT---I know I can trust Tynlee with her. They always play in Tynlee's room alone and I completely trust it. 

I can already tell the kinda of sweet person she's going to be with the most gentle little spirit. She gets brokenhearted when you tell her "NO" and completely breaks down! So I'm thankful disciplining her, hopefully, will be easier.

Watching Tynlee & Anistyn interact is the sweetest, most heart melting thing a mama can watch. Watching the two little loves you and your husband (and of course, God) created be friends, "get along", play together, "share toys", laugh, giggle, coo and sigh at one another, is just AHHHH, you have to see it within your kids to know what I'm talking about. All you mommies with more than one, can relate I'm sure.

Everyone always compliments her beautiful big blue eyes.

She is the best addition to our growing family.
We love you baby girl.

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