Thursday, February 14, 2013

Becoming a doula...

As most of you know, Stephen & I took Bradley childbirth classes in hopes of having a med-free, vaginally, husband-coached childbirth. We felt very well educated and could not wait to experience child-birth how it was meant to be.

Well, I never got my natural childbirth because both times, I had c-sections. I've come to the conclusion in my heart, that the was God's plan for my girls to come into this world and I began feeling "okay" with that. 

But after I had Tynlee, I began thinking about ways I could actually help other woman accomplish their dream of natural childbirth. I couldn't go to school for 4 more years and become a labor and delivery nurse or a midwife for that matter, my all time dream. So I looked into becoming a doula.

A doula is an assistant who provides support for a woman in labor by encouraging her to use techniques learned in childbirth-preparation classes. The word doula actually means "to serve". 

Now I feel like I have a gift. I am obsessed with labor and birth and I love every nitty gritty detail about it. I LOVE hearing other woman's birth stories especially when they are home births or pain medicine free. But I can't wait after someone gives birth to hear their birth story. 

Now I have been through it all. I've had such difficult pregnancies. I know what it feels like to have pre-eclampsia, high blood pressure, be on Magnesium during labor and after, have pre-term labor, be on medicine for that, shots of Terbutaline to stop contractions, steroid shots for my baby's lungs to develop, the never ending morning sickness, I've felt my water break, I felt an hour worth of horrible contractions that you can't talk through, I threw up in pain, I was rushed for an emergency csection, my babies were taken from me after birth to NiCus and one time--- to a whole nother hospital. 

I've experienced pregnancy, labor and birth all right.

Even though it wasn't "my ideal" situation of a natural birth since there's no way I could do that having c-sections for obvious reasons, I feel like I have a lot to give.

I have passion for birth. I want to help other woman achieve motherhood(in a sense). I want to be there for them, help them with techniques on how to cope with labor, I want to encourage them and stand along side them when their beautiful miracle enters the world.

I haven't watched a Baby Story on TLC without shedding a tear---every birth no matter how the baby enters the world. I cry every time I read a birth story. 

I know I was meant for this. It's in me. And I know I can do a good job. 

Even for those that don't want a med-free birth, I want to help. I want to help them get to that point where they can get an epidural if they chose.

I want to help a mother through childbirth at home, in a tub, or in a hospital. 

I want to be a doula. I want to help women in childbirth. 

The most amazing time of their life. 

Birth is so amazing to me.
And helping the husband coach the wife and watching them do it together, completely awesome!

I hope to start my classes soon and hopefully start getting in there and helping women in birth as soon as possible.

I will definitely need to just get my "hands wet" and get in there because I know that's the BEST, most EFFECTIVE training. 

So if your having a baby soon around here, give me a ring ;)

So pray for me as I begin this journey....

The doula I want to be:
A Birth Doula provides all of the above throughout a pregnant person's labor and delivery, as well as the immediate post-partum period, about two hours after the baby has been born. Additionally, a birth doula provides guidance in the creation of a birth plan and prenatal and post-partum visits. Birth doulas generally have an on-call period of about 3 weeks based on their client's due date.
I want to help the mom beforehand with breathing and ways to cope with labor and well as being able to help them labor at home even before they head to the hospital.

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  1. Love the quote about women knowing how to give birth! The Lord blessed me with the home birth I planned and prayed for and my midwife was wonderful! You can read Londyn Grace's birth story on my blog!