Monday, February 4, 2013

Christian sister, protect my marriage.

This is mostly written to myself as an encouragement to always remember who I'm wanting to look good for. Not myself, not my friends, not single men, not married men, but for MY husband.


I read a great and very well written post today titled 
Christian sister "please button up your blouse".
Now, the title says it all. 
As a Christian woman and a lady who enjoys going to church to worship the Lord and as a dedicated preacher's wife, I feel it's my duty to be honest about this and encourage other Christian woman to do the same & YES, button up.

Now, guys are guys. 
Christian or not, guys have to face temptations DAILY, we do too, but guys are very "physical and looks" driven. 
Now God made us sexual beings and that's why temptation is hard to resist in our very promiscuous world. And for our poor husbands, it's even harder

{But it's no excuse! We shouldn't be okay with our husband looking at another woman in a bikini or a scandalous Super Bowl commercial and him say "It's just in me babe, can't help it." That wouldn't fly with me. I would still hold him accountable of course.} 

But what can we do, as wives, as sisters in Christ, to help our men in our churches, in our community to understand that SEXY is not showing everything you got but the mystery behind it all?!?!?!?

Since our husbands already face this daily on commercials like Carl's Jr(stupid!), Victoria Secret woman who have no respect for themselves, 2 piece bikinis at the beach(basically in lingerie, right?), I mean let's face it, it's everywhere. You have no idea what the women at their work are wearing and to be honest, they are probably flaunting the low cut top and high slit skirts. 
It's thrown in our husband's face constantly. I mean yes, ultimately it's THEIR responsibility but ladies, it's OUR duty to help them not stumble.

I ask my friends, my fellow sister's in Christ, to please dress appropriately, especially when you enter the Lord's house. 

Definition of Modesty and being feminine.

Yes, we all like to dress nice and beautiful but beautiful is NOT letting your "double d", or "A cup for that matter",(Endowed or not) intended to feed your child, breasts hang out of your shirt or your low cut dress or a bathing suit for that matter that shows every curve you work hard to get. 

I encourage you to put a tank top on. 

You will NEVER attract a Christian man that way, or a good one for that matter, they like the "mystery", they like that you will save the surprise for them on your wedding night and forever behind closed doors of only you and him.... They don't want another man to know what's THEIRS!

Save the sexiness for HIM and only him. 
Who are you dressing for today? You should say your husband, future husband but ultimately the Lord. 
Your body is a temple, treat it that way. 

Summer wardrobe is another thing. Yes, I have never worn short shorts, my big legs won't allow it and I'm thankful for that because I would probably be guilty of this. Short shorts are the same to me as a super short dress. Your booty is just waiting for you bend over. Short shorts are trashy to me unless it's just you and your husband hanging out at home.
 And those spaghetti traps tanks with your bra strap showingtotally 
NOT hot. 
and the two piece bikini, that only covers your breasts and booty IS NOT MODEST. 
It's like your wearing lingerie and the whole world sees you in it. 

{Getting a tan in your back yard is one thing but not intended for the beach or pool party in my opinion.}

 I used to do this, trust me, I'm just as guilty. And i'm only being "'preachy" because I'm also writing to myself!
I wore a two piece my whole life and up until after our honeymoon. 
I wish I didn't. 
Now, I know I have stretch marks and I'm in no way "Bikini Body" ready but if I was, I would hope and pray I would find a cute modest takini with a swim skirt for our summer pool parties this year.

I know when I was dating my husband, he always told me how he loved how I dressed modestly. He said he never had to worry about what I was going to wear, he just knew. It made me feel good and it made me want to dress modestly EVEN more. And now, being his wife, he wants me to dress the same and save the sexy things for him and only his eyes.
I respect him and I love that he wants me for him and only him and that means, dressing appropriately when I go out, anywhere in public.

It's so hard with all the tight dresses and everything being so low cut and "provocative" and risque these days. 
Society says shorter the better right?
Sorry society, your WRONG.

Our husbands, our brothers in Christ, our brothers, our friends, men we don't even know, need our help. 

They need to know what a REAL woman who respects herself dresses like.

A good guy will not be drawn to your breasts hanging out of your shirt. Especially for his wife!

Quit feeling insecure about yourself. 
Quit feeling like sexy IS showing your body off. 

Men need us to cover up.

I encourage all woman to check your closets and grab some leggings and buy a few tank tops :)

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