Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Face it, there's no such thing as a perfect little family.

We all have this vision, this fairytale. Sometimes we put on a front that everything is great and all you write about or post pictures about is the good stuff. but lets be honest, we may put on a front that life is perfect and we have no problems but everyone does.

We post pictures of our clean houses, kids and all the yummy extravagent dinners and desserts that we make. but why don't we be honest and show the bad.

Your marriage isnt perfect. Every marriage takes work...i dont care who you are. our kids arent always angels, they throw fits and talk back.  and your house isnt always cleaned. You arent always the perfect spouse, mom or daughter and seriously, sometimes you dont change out of your pjs.

but hey, its ok. your a mom. and we all know that the front we put on, just covets up the reality that life is tough sometimes.

Some weeks you dont make dinner every night and guess what? thats ok!

We are not perfect even if we claim to have it all together.
Every marriage takes work. Every mom gets overwhelmed sometimes.
and sometimes your house is an absolute mess.

but it's normal and its okay to admit and to show the "ugly".

so in this world of the next best thing..We are teaching our kids to not like "simple"...that its not cool to just give a simple good ol' Valentine card for Valentines day rather than a one of a kind card with a sucker and a cute little bow---the most "pintastic" idea. One present on Christmas isnt enough, only four to six is. And a regular birthday party with a few balloons is okay rather than trying to top your friends or the one you saw on Pinterest.

so Moms out there, reality check, we arent perfect and we are all in this together :)

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