Monday, April 22, 2013

A happy home

What makes a happy home?

*Putting God as the HEAD of your home. Praying together and reading His word everyday as a family. It is instilling in your children to put Him first im their lives.
*Pray for their salvation & future spouse everyday...even now!
*Be affectiant to your husband in front of your kids
*Don't have your cell phone glued to your hip...put it down...ignore the various "buzzes" and "rings"...give your kids your full attention and even your spouse at night when your cuddling on the couch. Our kids and husbands are way more important than someones facebook update.
*A hard working husband...its not healthy to be together 24/ need the distance of him being gone hard at work, providing for your family...Men need to work and have a reason to sit in their Lazy chair every night.
*A hot meal every night rather than being lazy and hitting the McDonalds drive through or eating El Rosal, spend 40 minutes preparing a yummy meal for your family
*Give your kids fruits & veggies daily. If you start young and avoid the sugary foods, they will love to eat healthy. Dont just throw sugar high  "cocoa puffs" on your babies high chair. Spend a minute making them oatmeal or multi grain cherrios and cutting up a piece of fruit...their health depends on YOU.
*Pick up your if anyone could walk in any moment...i know your busy but pick up the "dirt" and leave the "mess".
*Rather than picking up your phone, pick up your baby
*Tell your husband & kids how important they are EVERY SINGLE DAY
*Dont ignore your childs fits and bad behavior...its known as child neglect...for real...those bad habits will soon be hard to vreak
*Dont spank or disipline when your angry or in a bad mood...discipline to train your children to love Christ and obey mommy & daddy cause He says so
*Less TV is better...turn it off...dont keep it on all day...
*Go to church as a family...and give back to Christ...tithe how your supposed to...dont put less imporant things infront of going to His house.
*Be a joyful wife.  In all things give Him thanks.
*Sit around the table for dinner rather than the couch
*Be slow to anger.

Only you, mom, have the power to make your home a peaceful, loving and welcomimg one. So do so! You will be blessed...

Friday, April 12, 2013

What the girls are up to...

Our little girls are getting so big! Tynlee is really starting to talk and say A LOT of words. She definitely can communicate to me what she is wanting!!

Photo: #sisterlove Feeding little sis "pretend" food :)

Tynlee is 25 months old...She is a ball full of fun & energy. She is such a happy, joyful girl. She loves to EAT. She is such a good eater. She weighs almost 28 pounds!!! She loves fruits and veggies and I'm so thankful for that. She loves seeing dogs, she's obsessed with them. She loves Yo Gabba Gabba and Barney still and playing leaning games on the Kindle. She enjoys showers with mommy, reading books, going to church, coloring and getting tickled. Her new favorite thing is doing ring around the rosey as we hold hands. She cracks up so hard! She has the most contagious laugh. She loves being outside and watching the neighbor kids play. She is such a loving cuddle bug. Always trying to hug and kiss everybody ecpspecially other kids. She's VERY routine. She doesn't like changing things up for bedtime, bathtime or the routine of anything actually. She doesn't like CHANGE, just like her daddy :) She is in 2T-3T clothes and size 6 shoes mostly. Sometimes, she can squeeze into 18-24 months, depending on the brand. She wears size 5 diapers which brings up another subject, she definitely is ready to potty train. I am the procrastinator. I'm the one NOT ready. She hides to go #2, she tells me when she goes poo, but not potty(yet!), she loves to sit on the toilet "try". Which I think means, it's time to start. I can't let go? Can you tell?
Photo: Thank you God for this precious little girl :)Photo: the world's best sound...giggles!!!!

Anistyn is 10 months old. It's so hard to believe that. I started planning her first birthday which is going to be a pool party/lemonade stand party at her Grammy and Papa's house. I feel like I just had her yesterday. She is such a petite little peanut. She's 17 pounds and maybe 24 inches. She's so short and skinny. I just want to eat her up!!! :) She is a quiet little thing but oh SO busy. She is walking all over this house. She started taking steps at 9.5 months and she is pretty much walking 10-20 steps now. She mostly crawls but she definitely walks very well. But she won't dare walk anywhere away from home. She's like me, a happy comfortable home body. She is such a sweetheart. She gets banged up by Tynlee and toys snatched right out of her hand and she doesn't say a word. Poor little sister! I feel her pain :) She loves taking baths, and exploring all the kitchen drawers. She eats baby food twice a day, morning oatmeal and fruit and night time, veggies.
Photo: My beautiful blue eyed baby!! <3Photo: Our baby is 10 months today!! She takes 5-7 steps at a time. Has 3 teeth. {busy} bee. Quiet. Still breastfeeding a lot. Sleeps all night. Naps twice a day. LOVES bathtime. Anistyn Reese, you are pure JOY!!

We tried to take a short little day trip to the ocean this last weekend and oh boy, we won't be doing that for a few more years again. The girls hate being in the car. Being as it took us 3 hours to get there, they were done by the time we got there. We don't ever take them out to eat because it's just too much to handle. They are still babies and don't enjoy themselves at all. They love being home and roaming free.

They had their first tea party and we had so much fun.
Photo: First of many tea parties! I love having daughters. #tutu #bows #pink

Here is Anistyn walking!!!

Easter Sunday before church...I got their outfits on Etsy! LOVED them!!

I just love having girls and watching them grow into friends...It's precious!!!!

God is so good to us!!

Photo: Tell me this isn't the sweetest thing?!?! Tynlee putting her arm around Anistyn as they watch their daddy mow!

Confessions of a {GERM killer}

It's safe to say, I'm a clean freak
I like everything, germ free.--impossible, might I add!
I clean our bathrooms DAILY. I clean my children's toys, once a week. 
We DON'T wear shoes in our house
{--because we have no idea the amount of vomit, spit, or cat poop we are tracking in--} 
The dishes don't pile up in the sink. 
Beds are made every morning. 
Vacuum everyday. Mostly cause Anistyn chokes on the fuzz, no joke!
 Lysol is my BEST FRIEND
and so are Monk Wipes, Wet Ones, & Germ X Foam Hand Sanitizer, no cruddy alcohol based stuff here :)

I am proud to say, I try everything I can to keep my family clean and healthy...

We eat veggies, fruits, take probiotic supplements, vitamin C and D, elderberry syrup etc. 
Which is definitely VERY good for us and them.

I wipe down shopping carts. Cell phones. Car keys. Steering wheel. Door handles. Light switches, Remote controls. and we ALWAYS shower before hopping into bed...

Some may roll their eyes and think I'm EXTREME. But I am who I am and I'm proud to say, I try to keep a clean home && healthy children.
And yes, they've been sick....they are kids :)

I don't think it makes me a bad mom. And some people tell me it means I'm a great mom.
 I think it's good I do everything I can to protect my kids from sickness or getting hurt. 
BUT, for my own sanity, maybe being able to sleep with a sink full of dishes, WON'T KILL ME.

I mean, I am okay with my children playing with other kids and stuff, but for the most part, 
I'm most comfortable with them in my arms. 

And I MOST definitely wash their hands before they even think about putting food in their mouths. :))
And always wash your hands when you come over....and I'm not afraid to ask someone to.

By no means is my house PERFECTLY clean. 
We live in it. 
My kids play and make messes. 
They play outside get dirty but you best believe they will get a bath when they come in :)

I don't care much about my kids getting colds, but anything other than that, like stomach viruses etc. 
(Being as it's in your stool for 2 weeks, ya that's right, ew!)

I'm not embarrassed to say all this...It's just a confession.

I have definitely gotten better, I don't dust everyday and mop everyday,{{definitely not needed if you aren't wearing shoes inside.}}
 I don't wipe down my groceries anymore
(lol, seriously!?!?!?!) 
I know right!!!
 And I enjoy going out to dinner and doing things with friends...It doesn't hold me back. I'm not a germaphobe when it comes to myself, just my babies.

Well maybe you care, maybe you don't...

I'm sure most people don't give a flip about germs and think i'm an absolute nut but it's okay...Because it's my children, not yours.

I'm not asking everyone to be like me nor do I think your "gross" for not caring about germs or for wearing shoes in your home, 
I'm just asking you to respect me as a mom and my decision to protect my kids as best as I can.

I feel SOME germ exposure is good, DUH, but by no means am I okay with my kid playing on the doctor's office floor or sitting in a high chair or grocery cart without a cover.

No way, no how.


Thursday, April 11, 2013

Family pictures in the blossoms.

As I watched, once again, The Business of Being Born during nap time this morning, my heart LONGS for the natural, vaginal, home birth experience. You may be thinking how stupid, how crazy, hospital is safest, etc. but I don't think so.

 I LONG for the experience I always envisioned my births being like.
 I am SO passionate about birth. I tear up every single time I watch a TV show and a baby enters the world, my eyes start swelling with tears. 

I have had two csections. My first pregnancy was quite normal till the end where I started having signs of pre-eclampsia around 34 weeks. At 36 weeks, my blood pressure wasn't getting lower and my platelets were dropping rapidly so my doctor decided to start the induction. I felt like me and my baby were at risk. 
No bash on my doctor, I truly love him, but sometimes it makes me wonder 
"Were we REALLY at risk"? I should have asked more questions. Requested blood pressure meds, etc. Whatever I could to keep my baby in until she was ready to come on her own. I just agreed because I was so sick and miserable and I still had a month or more to go.
 Induction started and being as, it was a month early, things progressed {{SLOWLY}}
I was given Cervidil(sp?), Citotech, and "lovely" Pitocin.
(Not to mention, magnesium so I wouldn't seize cause my blood pressure was so high, which totally works against all those three things.) 
I didn't start REAL labor until my water broke 33 hours AFTER all this started. I labored hard with contractions being a minute and a half apart for an hour and a half until I was checked and UNFORTUNATELY, Tynlee's hands were coming out of the birth canal, which I guess, is dangerous. 
I wish we would have tried pushing it back, if that was possible, not given up SO quick, or even tried changing positions to see if she'd pull it back???
 Really, I never asked. I was so scared after seeing the look on the charge nurses' face. Everything happened so rapidly that I felt like I didn't even have a voice. Tynlee needed to come out, quickly. I was already feeling some urge to push because of her hand and I was only at a 

I knew things would have happened quickly being as my contractions were so close together. Next thing I knew, papers were thrown at me to sign, the anesthesiologist was talking to me and I was drinking this awful sour stuff while in the midst of contracting HARD and unable to talk. I planned on a Bradley birth experiences and it already started off on the wrong foot as I was induced which is a big NO NO. 

I was excited once my water broke and my real labor started. I was sitting on the bedside toilet and really starting to feel PAIN...the pain I couldn't speak through, I was just leaning against my husband's chest as he helped me through them. But I wanted it that way. I wanted to feel EVERYTHING. And I feel like it was ripped out from under me. Not because of my doctor, or my lovely nurses, but because I didn't speak up and TRY to ask questions cause just MAYBE it would have ended differently. 

But on the other side of things, GOD knew what He was doing. 
My little girl being born with a rare {congenital epulis} about the size of a round quarter on her mouth, being born vaginally could have been unsafe for her. 

Which brings me to Anistyn's birth. I feel like that was the one I should have spoke up on. I was miserable to say the least being as I was also 36 weeks 4 days and had been contracting since 21 weeks. Multiple Terbutaline shots to stop them, steroid shots for her lungs, pills to stop the contractions at home, blood pressure issues once again, twice weekly NSTs and ultrasounds and platelets down to 108 that  early Monday morning, my doctor decided
 NO VBAC, a repeat csection. I was stupid. And I HIT myself in the head for it. 
Why did I just not say, let's just TRY to do this thing naturally. Why did I just say, yeah, forget it, let's have this baby. 
I was in NO pain. I wasn't contacting that day. I only went in for an NST and blood work. and then a few hours later, I was having a baby.

Again, it's not my doctor's fault. It's my fault. Why didn't I just ask questions. Why did I agree to a csection so fast? When I knew I would be regretting it down the road like I am now. Yeah my platelets were dropping but why can't I have a vaginal delivery because of that? You bleed MORE with a csection.

It kills me. It kills me everytime I think about. 

If I could, I would go back to school to become a midwife. 
Obviously, I don't have the time to do so now that I am a mother of two. But I am an aspiring doula. I love birth and I feel like this will be a wonderful way for me to experience the natural birth route I have always longed for. Blood, and organs and scrapes and guts from a regular surgery or car wreck or broken bones SICK me out but I am 100% not grossed out ONE bit by anything about birth. I am obsessed with birth stories and every beautiful, not so delightful thing about birthing a baby.

I research quite often vaginal birth after TWO csections. 
One csection seems VERY safe. But after TWO; a little more risky
Thankfully, I've had no post-birth complications. My scars healed beautifully.
 After one week, I felt completely normal and the second time, even sooner. I was getting around completely normal and really not taking my pain meds. I honestly forget my lovely scars are there.

I feel guilty though, when I say I wish my births were different because they were beautiful in their own way. My baby girls were born and it the most amazing day of my life BUT I wish things were different and those SAME baby girls came out the good ol' natural way.

I mean, no one wants a csection. 
{{At least no one in their RIGHT mind.}}

I want a vaginally birth after 2 csections like you would not believe. My husband is scared to DEATH to have me deliver at home. Yeah, I'm a little nervous, not going to lie. Since I have lower platelets, i'm worried about bleeding even though thankfully, had no excessive bleeding after my sections. But I would in a heart beat if he agreed to it. I would love to have my baby in a birth pool at home. And experience birth in such a beautiful and natural way. I would, 100%. But i'm his wife and the child is also his child and I can't go against what he wants. I'm not saying I wont do everything in my power to try to convince him it's safe. But I'm still not sure it is.

I need input. Cause i've heard both ends of the spectrum. I don't even know where to begin to speak to people about VBAC2. I want several opinions and then it all comes done to my convictions I guess. I can honestly say, I want to try it even though I don't know much about VBAC2 risks but only for one VBAC.

I know vaginal birth is the safest route in general but I want to know the risks involved in VBAC2. How fast I could we get to the hospital etc. Is a birth house safest? Do doctors around here even do VBAC2s? Should I use a midwife(LOVE) instead!? 
And then if I can even find a hospital who delivers VBAC2, will they let me labor and progress the WAY I WANT not by "their standards" if it's not quick enough. 

I have never yearned for something so much.
I want a VAGINAL BIRTH. I envy those that have a pain med free, natural birth.
 I want to feel the pain and pull my child out and say 

A girl can dream right!?!?