Monday, April 22, 2013

A happy home

What makes a happy home?

*Putting God as the HEAD of your home. Praying together and reading His word everyday as a family. It is instilling in your children to put Him first im their lives.
*Pray for their salvation & future spouse everyday...even now!
*Be affectiant to your husband in front of your kids
*Don't have your cell phone glued to your hip...put it down...ignore the various "buzzes" and "rings"...give your kids your full attention and even your spouse at night when your cuddling on the couch. Our kids and husbands are way more important than someones facebook update.
*A hard working husband...its not healthy to be together 24/ need the distance of him being gone hard at work, providing for your family...Men need to work and have a reason to sit in their Lazy chair every night.
*A hot meal every night rather than being lazy and hitting the McDonalds drive through or eating El Rosal, spend 40 minutes preparing a yummy meal for your family
*Give your kids fruits & veggies daily. If you start young and avoid the sugary foods, they will love to eat healthy. Dont just throw sugar high  "cocoa puffs" on your babies high chair. Spend a minute making them oatmeal or multi grain cherrios and cutting up a piece of fruit...their health depends on YOU.
*Pick up your if anyone could walk in any moment...i know your busy but pick up the "dirt" and leave the "mess".
*Rather than picking up your phone, pick up your baby
*Tell your husband & kids how important they are EVERY SINGLE DAY
*Dont ignore your childs fits and bad behavior...its known as child neglect...for real...those bad habits will soon be hard to vreak
*Dont spank or disipline when your angry or in a bad mood...discipline to train your children to love Christ and obey mommy & daddy cause He says so
*Less TV is better...turn it off...dont keep it on all day...
*Go to church as a family...and give back to Christ...tithe how your supposed to...dont put less imporant things infront of going to His house.
*Be a joyful wife.  In all things give Him thanks.
*Sit around the table for dinner rather than the couch
*Be slow to anger.

Only you, mom, have the power to make your home a peaceful, loving and welcomimg one. So do so! You will be blessed...

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  1. Hey mama! You haven't written anything in a while, I hope everything is ok. I know you're a busy girl. I just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster award over on my blog. Go check it out!
    xoxo Camille