Friday, April 12, 2013

Confessions of a {GERM killer}

It's safe to say, I'm a clean freak
I like everything, germ free.--impossible, might I add!
I clean our bathrooms DAILY. I clean my children's toys, once a week. 
We DON'T wear shoes in our house
{--because we have no idea the amount of vomit, spit, or cat poop we are tracking in--} 
The dishes don't pile up in the sink. 
Beds are made every morning. 
Vacuum everyday. Mostly cause Anistyn chokes on the fuzz, no joke!
 Lysol is my BEST FRIEND
and so are Monk Wipes, Wet Ones, & Germ X Foam Hand Sanitizer, no cruddy alcohol based stuff here :)

I am proud to say, I try everything I can to keep my family clean and healthy...

We eat veggies, fruits, take probiotic supplements, vitamin C and D, elderberry syrup etc. 
Which is definitely VERY good for us and them.

I wipe down shopping carts. Cell phones. Car keys. Steering wheel. Door handles. Light switches, Remote controls. and we ALWAYS shower before hopping into bed...

Some may roll their eyes and think I'm EXTREME. But I am who I am and I'm proud to say, I try to keep a clean home && healthy children.
And yes, they've been sick....they are kids :)

I don't think it makes me a bad mom. And some people tell me it means I'm a great mom.
 I think it's good I do everything I can to protect my kids from sickness or getting hurt. 
BUT, for my own sanity, maybe being able to sleep with a sink full of dishes, WON'T KILL ME.

I mean, I am okay with my children playing with other kids and stuff, but for the most part, 
I'm most comfortable with them in my arms. 

And I MOST definitely wash their hands before they even think about putting food in their mouths. :))
And always wash your hands when you come over....and I'm not afraid to ask someone to.

By no means is my house PERFECTLY clean. 
We live in it. 
My kids play and make messes. 
They play outside get dirty but you best believe they will get a bath when they come in :)

I don't care much about my kids getting colds, but anything other than that, like stomach viruses etc. 
(Being as it's in your stool for 2 weeks, ya that's right, ew!)

I'm not embarrassed to say all this...It's just a confession.

I have definitely gotten better, I don't dust everyday and mop everyday,{{definitely not needed if you aren't wearing shoes inside.}}
 I don't wipe down my groceries anymore
(lol, seriously!?!?!?!) 
I know right!!!
 And I enjoy going out to dinner and doing things with friends...It doesn't hold me back. I'm not a germaphobe when it comes to myself, just my babies.

Well maybe you care, maybe you don't...

I'm sure most people don't give a flip about germs and think i'm an absolute nut but it's okay...Because it's my children, not yours.

I'm not asking everyone to be like me nor do I think your "gross" for not caring about germs or for wearing shoes in your home, 
I'm just asking you to respect me as a mom and my decision to protect my kids as best as I can.

I feel SOME germ exposure is good, DUH, but by no means am I okay with my kid playing on the doctor's office floor or sitting in a high chair or grocery cart without a cover.

No way, no how.


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