Monday, April 28, 2014

Our Big Move to Washington

Well, about 6 weeks ago my husband accepted a new position for work which meant for us to move to Washington. So we had exactly one month to move all our belongings and family of five 15.5 hours north. What an adventure it was. We thought it would be a good idea to leave at night(bedtime for girls) so they would hopefully sleep most of the way. I knew I would need to stop to change diapers and nurse Piper but we felt it was our best shot at a "relaxing" peaceful drive. I would stay up to keep Stephen company all night so we managed with coffee breaks and 5-hour energies. We had good conversations. For some reason, car rides are always good talks. We laughed. I cried some realizing what we were actually doing and how crazy we were to move away from family and "home" after just giving birth 7 weeks ago. Sometimes, we juat enjoyed the silence and the dark stillness around us. We were giing to be getting to the new house 24 hours before my inlaws were arriving with our U-haul so we had to bring a blow up mattress, blankets and pillows, shower stuff, towels, cleabing supplies and clothes so we had to tie some stuff on the roof of our SUV. Well, somewhere near Redding, we lost a black trash bag FULL of all our blankets and pillows. Some of which, were my favorite blankets made vy my mother in law and Grandma. Tynlee's baby blanket. Anistyn's favorite teddy bear. and the blanket I wrapped Piper in coming home from hospital. When we realized(heard a loud thunk) that we lost something, a man was waving us down to pull over sometime between 1am-2am. I was like don't pull over, only weirdos drive this late at night LOL. but I then realized a crib mattress cover was stuck under his little truck. I lost it. I cried not only cause I knew what bag it waa but because I was nervous it could hurt someone who ran over it in the dark night. We pulled over and told the man we were so sorry and he was very understanding and nice. That was pretty much the only bad thing about our 17 hour drive. The girls did AMAZING. Seriously, couldnt have been better. The DVD PLAYER in the car was the greatest $90 I could have spent. They were cozy with their blankets and jammies, juice cups, SNACKS, baby dolls, coloring books and story books. and Piper was an angel. I cant complain. We arrived to our new home and fell in love instantly. Literally living in the mountains with pine trees and hilly roads sureounding us and so close to a breath taking lake has always been our dream. We were greeted by 3 deer eating wild flowers in our back yard. We didnt get to see the house before we moved so we were very nervous avout having to trust the property management company about the home and area. But we are happy to say, we couldnt be happy. The area is beyond beautiful. We are 20 minutes from the ocean and walking distance to lakes. We spend our free time exploring and walking everywhere because I am amazed at this beautiful place we now call home.

Stephen's parents flew home Sunday after church and the next day Steohen had to fly ro Chicago for training so I was going to be stuck at our new home ALONE with three children, no car and no help the first week being here. To say I was nervous would be an understatement. To sill the deal, I woke up Tuesday morning with some nasty bug. I never ever throw up unless pregnant. I cant remember the last time I had a stomach bug seriously. But what "perfect" timing. So there I wa three kids needing me, depwnsing on me for everything and I had to spend 5am-12pm hovering the toilet. After 12pm...I felt like a million bucks. I think I used two cans of Lysol on that bathroom because whatever it was, THE GIRLS WERE NOT GOING TO GET IT ecpecially with Stephen away. So whatever it was, I DEVOURED IT. and everyone else stayed healthy. Thank the LORD.

I am learning to be content and depend fully on Christ and my husband. It has been 2.5 weeks and finally starting to adjust, learn the area and shopping and starting to empty boxes more and more. We have always wanted to learn life outaide of California and God just opened doors a lot quicker than we expected and at a very weird time. But it clicked and it worked and His plans are not always our plans. We are trying to figure out a home church right now which has beeen our toughest deciaion. We have two that we love. The people at both churches are so loving and welcoming and HELPFUL.

It has been fun so far just cannot wait to have family come stay with us cause I am really startung to miss them.