Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Piper Rae

Piper is now 7 months old and changing and growing every single day. She is such a determined baby, whether it's to crawl and get to something or pull up on the couch, she amazes me with her strength.

She is 15.5 lbs and still breastfeeding. She ate her first "greens" yesterday which were spinach and kale and she loved it. She did so well like she'd been eating solids forever! I will only do her greens a few times a week and maybe do oatmeal/breast milk mixture at night to see if she will sleep longer. I want to also do some baby led weaning in a few months. So we will see!

She started crawling at 6 months and gets quicker everyday. She crawled before she sat up! She learned to sit up by trying it when she crawled, after a few bonks, she is now a pro.

Just this week she started pulling herself up on the couch, our legs, her crib and we are just amazed. She isn't quite sure how to get done which scares me but she is seriously strong for how tiny she is! I don't push her at all. I've never done that with any of my girls, I wanted them to be immobile for as long as possible(if you know what I mean!) haha!

She absolutely adores her big sisters. She is finally starting to warm up to Anistyn because Anistyn can be a little rough at times, she doesn't understand that Piper is smaller than her. But overall, they are gentle and very loving with her. She definitely try's to keep up with them! She loves crawling into the play room and watching them play!

Her favorite toys are spoons, her shakey toys, the big bouncy balls and her sister's drink cups. She is obsessed with the vacuum and when it is on she quickly follows me around the house and squeals with excitement. She loves taking baths and just hums the entire time. She has discovered eating the bubbles and cracks herself up.

She is such a happy little girl. Always smiling at everyone!

She takes all her naps(unless away from home or daddy insists on holding her) in her crib. She takes about 5 naps a day. And still sleeps in our bed most of the night. She starts off in her crib then stays with us after her first feeding. I don't mind. I love her cuddles and being able to smell her and kiss her in the middle of the night. She has always been a tummy sleeper.

She just discovered she can say "ma ma" and says it when she sees me and wants me! It melts my heart!!!!!!

She is just a joy to have. Such a chill baby who just goes with the flow.

I couldn't imagine our family without her. She's so special and so beautiful! We love you Piper Rae!

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