Monday, September 29, 2014

What I wish I knew about (Csections)

Cesarean section used to be such a {scary} word to me. And I know, it's scary for most, I mean it's major surgery, I get it. I've done it a few times ;) But after three, you can say I've become pretty "comfortable" with them or maybe just comfortable with my amazing doctor. Or when I mean comfortable I mean, it's the only way I've "given birth" so to me, it's normal for me & all I know. But either way, here are some tips I'd like to share with you just in case csection is in your future. Things I wish people would have told me....

-ASK TO HAVE YOUR HANDS FREE. With my first & second, it was more emergent that I had no idea what to expect and had no choice but to go with the flow but my third, I got to be hands free which made me feel a lot more comfortable on the table.

-Ask your doctor to do the GLUE on outside, not the staples. IT MAY BE STANDARD NOW, not sure. My doctor did the dissolvable ones on inside then glue on outside. Nothing had to be removed a few days later and I had ZERO problems with the glue. My scar looks great! He has gone over the same scar all three times.

-I cannot stress this enough, request DELAYED cord clamping. (This is just in birth general). Even though you have a csection, you can still do some things they do during vaginal delivery. It's crucial to your baby. Look it up, you won't regret it.

-Let husband cut the cord. Well my husband couldn't cut the cord from my placenta to her like a vaginal birth but they did keep a lot of it and he then was able to go to her bedside and cut the rest :)

-Baby may have trouble breathing at first because in a csection they don't get the fluid out of their lungs like they would being pushed through birth canal. So don't fret, it's pretty common for them to have to suction a lot.

-Request baby to be in recovery with you so you can do skin to skin and breastfeed. It will help contract your uterus back to normal plus that bonding time is SO special.

-May be embarrassing but FOR REALS, let out your gas. I tried to hold it in and all it did was make me miserable. Seriously seems funny, (cause face it, it definitely is) but any surgery that opens up your tummy and let's air in will cause so much gas, both ends. So don't be afraid to let it out...the second and third day are the worse...might wanna request no visitors those days! Haha :) Trust me, let it out or you will be in so much pain....

-You will feel so good showering after you had a csection. The first shower after baby feels like you won a million dollars. Don't be afraid of getting water on your scar, it will be perfectly fine. Don't scrub it of course but it's okay to let water run down your tummy.

-The first time you try to stand up, it BURNS OH SO BAD. Not gunna lie! I promise though, it gets easier each time you try. Don't be afraid, it won't bust open even though you feel like it will.

-Wear the support belt. They should give you one but if not, ask. It feels so good on your tummy, lifting everything up and it definitely feels more secure when you try to cough, sneeze or laugh.

-Stay on top of your Motrin/ibuprofen. The Norco or vicadin never did much for me except make me so groggy so I stuck with the 800mg ibuprofen and that was all I needed. It worked so well because the jist of your pain is from the swelling. So don't lax on your meds even if you feel you don't need them, take them because once you feel pain, it's hard to get it under control.

-If you didn't get to breastfeed in recovery, do as soon as possible. You will be uncomfortable but don't give up. It's the best thing for your baby.

-Don't be scared to walk or change positions in bed. You definitely will feel like you will reopen your scar but seriously, it will be's stronger than you think! Walk as soon as they advise you too, the quicker you walk, the better you will feel.

-BUT if your baby is in NiCu, like my first two were, use a wheelchair most of the time, it's a long walk that you should probably take it pretty easy the first few days. Cause trust me, you will want to be with your baby 24/7.

-Take the stool softeners. Ps: going number two after baby isn't as painful as you think it may be, at least for csection mamas but take the softener just so you feel more comfortable!

-Get a birth photographer. Best money we spent! They can't go into surgery with you but before and after pictures were so special! Looking back to those pictures brings me right back to that day. Wish I would have done with all three!!!

-Last but not least, enjoy it. I know it's not your ideal way to give birth but sometimes it truly is the best option. Just be thankful we have them because sometimes it is safest for Mommy and baby.

The next few tips are just if you are on magnesium sulfate being, during or after delivery.
I was on this all three times. Twice for high blood pressure and once for preterm labor. The high blood pressure times, it way in higher doses to keep me from having a seizure from the high blood pressure. You will feel like you have the flu. Blurred vision. Low heart rate. Feverish. HOT HOT HOT like keep the cold rags coming.

-request a bedside toilet. Don't get the catheter. Trust me, without an epidural(like for preterm labor) it is not comfortable. I was so much for comfortable going potty in little basin or bedtime toilet(because FYI, you can't walk on mag)

-put cold rags on face. Your face will be red and so hot. It helps you keep cool. Also a fan, is nice too.

-concentrate on your breathing. Sometimes you will feel like you have an elephant on your chest but just try to take deep breaths and remain calm.

It's an amazing drug but honestly makes mama feel horrible and baby super sleepy, in womb and out FYI.

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