Monday, December 29, 2014

Goodbye 2014...Hello 2015!

What an amazing year it has been! The year started off by anxiously awaiting the arrival of our sweet Piper Rae. She came February 12th and has been a perfect little piece to our puzzle. In March, we found out we would be moving to northern Washington because Stephen accepted a promotion and transfer. It was filled with mixed emotions of living away from family and everything we have ever known to being excited about a fresh start and building our own little life as a family of five.

It has truly been the best decision we ever made. We used to say we don't feel like it's necessarily God moving us but now looking back, it 100% has been! He has shown himself to us here and has proven to us that moving to Washington was truly in His plan for us. The first couple months were hard. Adjusting to new job, living away from our family, looking for a new church home, trying to find our way around our new town, where we wanted to grocery shop etc. But all of those things, have brought us so much growth. Most importantly in our dependence on Christ!

When we moved here, we had intentions of joining an independent baptist church close to our home but little did we know God would have other plans for us. We would end up falling in love with a church 40 minutes from our house. We joined Harvest Baptist in July and have tried to plug ourselves accordingly to Gods plan ever since. I have started working in the nursery and have joined the choir as an alto. Stephen has been involved in Ministry 2717 and hopes to get more involved as The Lord sees fit. Our girls have never been happier, making sweet new friends and watching them enjoy going to church and learning to be attentive to God and His word.

I've been able to let go more than I ever thought I would. We have made amazing friends, with like minded morals and values for their families. We love having friends who we all have the same goals and aspirations for our children. Stephen got a dirtbike a few months ago and has enjoyed going riding with some friends from church.

Stephen has had to go out of town for work a few times and it has truly taught me full dependence on Christ. The first time he was gone, I got terrible food poisoning and was stuck at home alone with the three girls, Piper being only two months old and I didn't know anyone yet so I had to barrel through. And yay, we made it out alive!

We have enjoyed having our parents come visit us a few times as well as going back home twice due to Stephens grandpa passing away and for thanksgiving.

We literally never knew a church as amazing as Harvest existed. The spirit of the people there is so amazing! We are so blessed to find such an awesome church home who has truly become our family. They were exactly who we needed and we didn't even realize how much we were "drifting" before moving here.

We were excited to go to church again. Excited to get plugged in and excited to watch our children flourish here.

We are thankful for FaceTime and that we get to do it with my parents at least once a week.

We had the most beautiful spring and summer and have never seen a place so GREEN! In July, we bought a camping trailer and went to a beautiful camping place a couple times with it. We made some amazing memories doing so!

We have spent a lot of our free time hiking beautiful trails near our house. Knowing we have such beauty in our backyard is so unreal. We have deer in our yard almost daily and the girls have enjoyed feeding them crackers and apples.

It's truly been such a wonderful year full of spiritual growth. We can't wait to see Gods plan for us to continue to unfold especially in Stephens ministry as a preacher. We are excited about the new year and moving closer to church in the spring time so we can get more involved and be better hosts to our friends. We are praying about adopting a baby and have been for the last few months, hoping God opens doors for that if it's His plan.

We are so thankful and so blessed to have another healthy and great year!
He is faithful and He is GOOD, all the time...