Sunday, June 28, 2015

Piper Rae


Your first year of life flew by in the blink of an eye. You are now almost 17 months old and a complete joy to be around. You have the cutest personality that I can't get enough time with you. You make us laugh so hard with your funny facial expressions. You absolutely adore your big sisters and think they are so funny.

You started walking on your first birthday and haven't stopped since. Your a tornado, that's what daddy calls you because your so fast and into E V E R Y T H I N G. The second I bring you downstairs in the morning you go straight to the pantry and grab fruit snacks without hesitation. Your still nursing a few times a day and I love it, it's our special bonding time and you look into my eyes like I can do no wrong when your nursing and it melts my heart. You call it "na nas" :-)

You love to eat. You eat pretty much everything I put in front of you. You love cheese the best, and the squeeze fruit/apple sauce pouches, chicken nuggets, Mac n cheese, and bread.

You started sleeping through the night at 13 months when I finally stopped cosleeping with you. Before that, you nursed about every hour at night and mommy was exhausted but I knew it wouldn't last forever so I cherished that special time with you. Smelling you, and getting to kiss your chubby cheeks all night, watching your little chest move up and down up and down and wrapping my finger in your little hand and feeling you grasp it tightly. I miss cosleeping with you. Now, it's hardly ever because you like your own space and I miss you terribly at night. Sometimes I'll just go in your room and stare at you sleeping and put my hand on my back and pray for you and tell you a thousand times how much I love you.

You love to put on your sisters dress up shoes and walk around, it's so cute. You love to pull out every book in the book shelf and look through them one by one. You love playing outside and eating the sand, you always go back for more. Bath time is your favorite but only if your sisters are in there too. You think it's hilarious when they spit water in your face.
And you splash around and giggle like your at Disneyland.

You just figured out how to climb down our stairs so I'm thankful I have one less thing to worry about. Your finally growing some hair and it's literally WHITE. It's so blonde & beautiful.

I love when I put you into bed and sing "you are my sunshine" every night and you smile and lay your head on my shoulder. I hate letting go and laying you down. You call me "dada" most of the time and me and your dad laugh so hard. Apparently you have two dadas :-/

We love you so much and I am so glad God blessed us with you. Your so beautiful and I love you more than I can even fathom.

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