Sunday, June 28, 2015

Tynlee Anne


Your four years old and full of love. Your a social butterfly, drawn to people. You have the most caring and compassionate heart towards others never wanting to disappoint anyone.
You always try to make people smile and you constantly tell "I love you". You love to cuddle, I can tell touch is your love language for sure.

Your bossy and stubborn but I think that comes from being the first child. But your also a huge help to me and always willing to give me a hand.

You love to dance to ballet music, make up songs and sing, watch Cailou and Curious George, play mermaids, and have tea parties. Your always in a princess dress or a dress for that matter. You change 50 times a day and love all things girly.

You love to go go go and will go anywhere and everywhere. You love to go for walks and swim in our pool. You love your friends and going to kids choir and class on Wednesday night.

You are the happiest girl ever. So happy all the time and always putting a smile in my face by saying the sweetest things.

I love you beautiful. You have the biggest heart and God has big plans for your precious life.

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