About Us

The Mr.

Stephen Roy Howard II
(Not pronounced stephAn)
-Born September 22, 1984
-27 years old
-Saved at the age of 7
-Project Manager for a painting company
-Baptist preacher of God's word
(surrendered to the ministry March 5, 2006)
-Third child out of 5
-Doesn't eat mayo, sour cream, or ranch
-Loves MEXICAN food...spicy!
-Wears cowboy pants and boots, everyday.
-Favorite shows are Storage Wars, Pawn Stars, and anything military or history
-Loves to FISH, be outdoors, go camping, shoot guns(yes, we are CONSERVATIVE republicans), and ride dirtbikes
-He is WAY outnumbered in our family so far, he's the only boy ;)
-Easy going, caring, never raises his voice, calm, passive, faithful and genuine

-Wonderful church member, HUSBAND, father(aka daddy), son, grandson, employee, cousin, brother & friend :) 
He's the BEST thing that's every happened to me

The Mrs.

Jessica Anne Howard(Porter)
(named after girl from Man From Snowy River)
-Born May 1, 1989
-23 years old
-Married at 19 :)
-Living my dream as a stay at home wife and mommy 
-Saved at the age of 19 at Church Camp
-LOVE Italian food
-Obsessed with coffee
-Favorite shows: 19 kids & counting, The Bachelor, Dexter, A Baby Story, Grey's Anatomy
-Was a cheer captain and a softball player in highschool
-Enjoys being with family, playing with Tynlee, going to church, hearing her hubby preach, being by the ocean, rollercoasters, SHOPPING, and country music
-Happy, affectionate, God-fearing, 
clean freak, REAL

Daughter #1

Tynlee Anne Howard 
(got her name from the Bachelor show, Tenley) 
-Born February 19, 2011
-17 months old!!!
-Oldest of _________(4?) 
-Walking & running everywhere!
-Enjoys being outside, graham crackers, reading books, and being tickled
-Drinks cocunut milk bottles and eats every kind veggie, fruit, meat..pretty much anything you put infront of her! She loves to eat!!!
-Sleeps through the night...Thank the Lord :) 
-Born 4 weeks early because I have PIH
-Had surgery at 2 days old on her mouth, congenital epulis...look it up!
-Loves her mommy and daddy, Yo Gabba Gabba show, her binky aka Maa Maa, Doggies, going on walks, BATHTIME and cuddles.
-Most Beautiful Girl...EVER!

Daughter #2:

Anistyn Reese Howard
(pronounced Ann-i-stun)
Born on Monday, June 4th 2012
@ 2:41pm
5 lbs 6 oz 18 1/4 inches long
-Breastfeeds ONLY
-Sleeps 5 hours straight at night
-Just started smiling
-Loves to sleep on her tummy
-Cuddle bug!
-Enjoys car rides and when her sissy talks to her