Our Love Story

Boy meets girl :)
Our First Picture...December 3rd 2007

 Been together 4 years and counting!

I always had my EYE on Stephen. Ever since I was 11 years old and my sister and his cousin, Mark, got married. Stephen was 16 at the time, totally NOT interested in me, which I guess was a good thing. But who would have thought 7 1/2 years later, we would be married.

(November 14th 2007) We united when I was 18 at my sister's house. Stephen just moved home from living 2 years in Southern California. My sister had us both over on a Wednesday night before church. I just got done with cheerleading practice. I was so worried cause I was in gym shorts, a sweaty UCLA shirt, and my hair in a messy pony. Little did I know, my future husband would think I looked "pretty".

After our quick dinner at my sister's, I couldn't stop thinking about Stephen. I never ever thought I would have a chance with him. It would be WAY too good to be true and I definitely was NOT good enough for him. But guess what, he told my brother in law the NEXT day that he thought I was cute!! :)))

(November 17th 2007) We "hung out" I guess you could say, another night at my sister's. Not planned. Stephen and my brother inlaw were going to go play raquet ball but Stephen just happened to forget his stuff. (He knew I was coming over) so sweet :) Well, we talked about cell phones and other non important stuff. lol.

The next day, Stephen asked my sister for my number. She gave it to him and he texted me, right away. We ended up talking on the phone and instant messaging eachother on the computer ALL night!! I couldn't believe I was talking to my "dream guy"!!!

(November 21, 2007) Stephen invited me to church the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. I was sitting by Stephen when suddenly, he grabbed my hand and held it!!! I thought my heart was going to pound out of my chest!!!!!!!!!!! He then invited me over for Thanksgiving at his parents house the next day.

(November 22, 2007) That night, we went on our first date. Movies and Dennys @ 1am!!! lol...I didn't care! I just wanted to be with him! He tried to kiss me when he dropped me off but I gave him my cheek. Not because I didn't want to kiss him but because I wanted it to be different between us! I just knew it was going to be different and better. After that night, I knew there is NO ONE else I'd rather spend my life with.

(November 23, 2007) Our first kiss on the swing set at some park...it was very romantic :)

(November 26, 2007) Stephen and I were cuddled up on the trampoline at his parents house when he turned to me and said he was falling in love with me. I of course, said I love you too! And from then on, we were never apart! Kinda quick huh?? But when you know, YOU KNOW!!

(February 14, 2008) We got engaged at my parent's house on Valentine's Day. How special it was! Best day of my life....or so I thought!!

Our Engagement Party...March 7th 2008

(August 8, 2008) Our BEAUTIFUL Wedding day!! It couldn't have been more perfect!!