I was raised in a wonderful Christian home, going to church every Sunday, praying before every meal and bedtime, and hearing the word of God read in my house on a daily basis. I can tell you first hand that being raised in a loving Christian home DOES NOT save you. You have to ask Christ in your heart and fully accept His sacrifice on the cross as the only payment for OWN sin. Have full faith and trust that you are His.

When I was around 9 years old, I remember being at Awanas, and seeing other kids my age get saved. I wanted it so bad. Someone prayed the prayer with me and I went on thinking I was saved. (don't get me wrong, I think some people get saved like that, but it wasn't my time, I didn't mean it in my heart.)

Years went on, and I went through some terrible things in junior high. Things a girl or (child for that matter) should never go through. I felt alone, used, disgusting, feeling like I was so ugly. I held it inside for YEARS. I was so afraid of what would happen to this person. I loved them and trusted them and was so upset that they would do this to me. I then began to have trust issues and find love from boys in the wrong way. I was going down a path that I should NEVER have went on.

Then when I was going into my Sophomore year of highschool, my mom was diagnosed with Breast Cancer. You think it will never happen to you but it did. Two girls from junior high, their moms passed away from Breast Cancer a few years back so I was devasted. Of course, you just assume the worst. How would I go on without my mom. Yeah, we had our rough patches. I was a rebellious teenager and made WRONG decisions and she was a loving mom who was only protecting me. (You don't appreciate those things until your older and have a family of your own). I look back now and thank the Lord she wasn't taken from us and is healthy and cancer free for 6 years! Thank God I have my mom. She is my best friend and my rock! And I can ALWAYS go to her with ANYTHING! She is the most beautiful woman inside and out!

I then was dating a guy when I met my wonderful husband Stephen. I knew Stephen in my childhood cuz my sister married his cousin, but at the time, I was WAY too young for him! But thankfully, that wonderful Stephen waited for me to grow up ;) I was at a time in my life where I almost hit rock bottom. Thankfully I never ever got involved with drugs or alcohol but I did get introuble with boys. I am ashamed to this day to even mention it. But Stephen came into my life and turned my life around.

He is not only special because he's my soulmate & my husband but because Stephen brought me to the Lord. He preached the sermon when I was saved at church camp 2 weeks before our wedding. Praise God for this wonderful man! He showed me the real meaning of salvation and turned my life from bad to good in a instant. So thankful the Lord worked through Stephen that cool summer night. The Lord saved my soul!!! And I was baptized at my church the week of our wedding!

God continues to pour out his grace, mercy and blessings on me.

I praise God for His protection, His love and ultimately, His salvation!